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Title:New ChatGPT Desktop App - 10 Incredible Use Cases

The ChatGPT desktop app is finally here and it's very useful. It is currently only available on Mac computers. ChatGPT Plus and Teams accounts get early access and it is also rolling out to free members too. Here are the top 10 use cases for the new ChatGPT desktop app. Email Replies The app helps in replying to emails. Take a screenshot of the email, and ChatGPT will write a summary and draft a short reply. Creating Images with DALL-E Using DALL-E in the paid version, you can create images based on references. Take a screenshot, and ChatGPT will generate a sketch or other style. HTML and CSS Code Generation If you like a webpage layout, take a screenshot, and ChatGPT will create HTML with inline CSS for you. Summarizing Web Pages The app can summarize any webpage. Take a screenshot and ask for a summary to save time on reading. Analyzing Photos Upload photos from your library, and ChatGPT can analyze and transcribe them. It can also provide information about objects in the photos. Translation Translate text on any webpage. Take a screenshot and ask ChatGPT to translate specific sections into another language. Social Media Replies ChatGPT helps draft replies to tweets or YouTube comments. Take a screenshot and ask for a quick, witty reply. Generating Code Provide a visual reference, and ChatGPT will write code for it. For example, show a tic-tac-toe image, and it will generate the game code. Data Analysis Upload CSV or Excel files, and ChatGPT will analyze the data, create tables, and generate graphs. Though not interactive yet, it is still a powerful tool. Using the Camera Interact with ChatGPT using your laptop’s camera. Take a photo of a setup guide, and ChatGPT will provide step-by-step instructions and recommendations. If you're interested in learning more about building and using Custom GPTs, check out our full course.


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