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Title:Doors Completed with 175% modifiers

Why is this video still getting views? I had made it my goal to complete a doors run with 200% modifiers active but seeing how difficult this was and knowing how bad certain modifier combos are I'm probably gonna ditch trying that This was kinda like an inbetween of Nightmare Gauntlet and Glitch Style Chaos Mode, really difficult (but not at the level of N-Gauntlet) but also very RNG dependant (but still not at the level of GSCM, though unwinnable situations did appear). Modifiers in case you don't know what they do -Electrical Work Lights can't flicker* or break *Seek still flickers them This only affects identifying Rush and Halt. Halt is whatever but with Rush you just need to listen out. Lights also can't break meaning less dark rooms that Screech can spawn in. -El Goblino's Payday No gold spawns -Out Of Stuff No non-essential items spawn Basically draws are useless outside of keys. -Gone Fishing No Guiding Light hints, including Seek chases Makes things a little harder but with something I pull for Seek it doesn't change much. -Soundproofing Certain items don't make sound Makes room 50 and 100 a bit more difficult but that's about it. I don't use the sound keys make in the first place. -Key Key Key Key (shortened to Keyx4 in the video) Almost every room is locked and requires a key. Increases chance for normal locked rooms to spawn Finding a key can be very annoying, especially with bigger dark rooms but this also has benefits, mainly Rush can't open doors prematurely, stopping another Rush from spawning or miscounting rooms and dying to Dupe. This also prevents accidentally running into Dupe. -Last Breath You will instantly die to any "fatal" damage (like Eyes or Screech, not like Timothy or Snare) Just don't get hit bottom text -My Knees Are Killing Me Crouching is very slow This doesn't change much outside of room 50 and 100. Those rooms you just have to be patient in. -Worst Time Ever Entities spawn rates are massively increased. Rush can naturally spawn on its own. You may encounter Rush and Ambush in rooms without hiding spots This is the main difficulty of the run. You'll get a Rush almost every 3 rooms if you're LUCKY. This you have to be patient with again, otherwise you will run into impossible circumstances. -Battle Of Wits If possible, Dupe will almost always spawn. Dupe makes no sound and erases door numbers in less than a second from opening a door As much as I want to say this modifier is literally free, Dupe was the cause of most of my deaths past door 50. Luckily Keyx4 stops you from opening the wrong door on accident. -Think Faster Screech spawns a lot more often and gives almost no time to react For this you'll want to know how to identify Screech before it goes *psst*. If you take things slow and look for your camera shaking then you can always find Screech very fast. Do Not combined with I'm Everywhere, worst mistake of my life -Nosey Eyes spawns more often... apparently Eyes spawned twice in this entire run and neither were in the greenhouse, where I'm pretty sure its spawn rate is increased. Free 5%. I originally avoided Eyes modifiers as I've had times where slow wifi lets it spawn in with no warning but it's really not that bad. -You Really Can Run Seek chase is longer and spawns earlier Because of something I pull on Seek, this actually makes the game easier as many entities can't spawn once eyes appear on the wall till a few rooms after the chase. -Back For Seconds Ambush spawns more frequently Not that bad to be honest though I think I was lucky. I've had Ambush spawn 2 rooms after an Ambush before with this and Worst Time Ever on. -Rent's Due Hide is extremely fast It's a lot more lenient than you might expect. -Roundabout Halt is guaranteed (but Worst Time Ever probably would've done the same thing) and is much more difficult The buffed Halt is actually quite fun tbh though if you're too slow because of certain mods then it's RNG whether you pass or not unluckily. -Watch Your Step Snare may spawn outside of greenhouse Really not that bad -Stop Right There A-90 can attack In The Rooms A-90 is the worst of the 3 entities. ironically in the Hotel it's the easiest of the 3 Rooms entities. Here is some stats on how often each entity attacked Rush (17 total) 3 7 9 12 15 -5 35 38 39 41 44 -10 48 58 83 84 91 -15 95 97 Halt (2 total) 5 82 A-90 (22 total) 7 18 24 30 33 -5 42 44 50 50 53 -10 59 61 66 79 85 -15 86 91 93 96 100 -20 100 100 Eyes (2 total) 11 36 Ambush (3 total) 31 62 79 Seek appeared... to have gone missing No I'm not counting how many Screech attacks there are Timothy didn't appear :( Discord Server that you probably don't care about


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