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Title:I Learned 227 Beatles Bass Lines And Discovered This…

►► FREE: Get the tabs, notation and practice tracks for all the Paul McCartney bass lines in this lesson → I learned every 227 Beatles bass lines That’s every song in the Beatles catalog (I think…) It was a massive job trying to keep track of all these Paul McCartney bass lines, so I even made a super nerdy spreadsheet to keep track of everything. The Beatles bass lines have a very special place in my heart since the very first line I ever learned was the iconic ‘Come Together’. So I was super excited to start learning all the Paul McCartney bass lines. But as I began learning the songs from the first few Beatles albums, I noticed something… The lines on the early albums weren’t nearly as cool as Come Together. And it wasn’t even close. In fact, I found myself getting a little bored with the bass lines. Not because the bass lines were ‘bad’ at all - the lines were fine, they worked great, and Paul played them really well. But were they as melodic and singable as Come Together? Definitely not. ***That all changed on a dime though.*** There’s one specific album where Paul McCartney’ss bass lines go from being a little dull, to being downright genius. He started treating the bass in a completely new way and it transformed his playing into the bass legend that we know today. So in this lesson, I want to show you what I discovered from learning the entire Beatles bass line catalog including: ► Why the early bass lines ‘worked’, but weren’t super compelling ► The extra ‘layer’ Paul added to his playing that let him churn out genius bass lines ► The reasons why his bass lines changed so much between one album and the next ► What Paul avoided doing that guaranteed his bass lines still worked with all the songs It’s one thing to hear these bass lines and listen to the difference between the early Paul McCartney bass lines and the later Beatles bass lines. But you’ll truly understand the difference if you play these lines for yourself and experience the things I mention in the video. So make sure you download the FREE tabs and tracks for everything in this video. Just go to this page: Fill out the form above and I’ll send it all to you so you can get started in the next 60 seconds. Good luck with the lesson and happy playing! Cheers, Luke P.S. Here’s that interview where Paul talks about ‘stealing’ one of his early iconic bass lines P.P.S. Here’s the link to get the free tabs and tracks: [Chapters] 0:00 Intro 1:04 Were Paul McCartney’s Bass Lines A Little ‘Boring’? 3:11 Where Paul McCartney’s Bass Lines Came To Life 4:36 Paul McCartney’s BIGGEST Influence 5:57 The Technology That Made Paul Bass Lines Possible 7:56 The Extra ‘Layer’ That Paul Added To His Bass Lines 10:45 The TRUE Genius Of Paul McCartney 12:11 How To Make Sure YOUR Bass Lines Are As Good As Paul’s #beatles #paulmccartney #basslesson


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