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Title:Fred Astaire | Second Chorus (1940) by H.C. Potter | Romance, Musical | Colorized Movie

Paulette gets hot for that cool Astaire step... Two talented musicians, Danny and Hank, compete for a job in Artie Shaw's prestigious band, and for the affections of their beautiful manager, Ellen. They come up with a plan to try and outdo each other to impress Shaw and get into the band. Original title: Second Chorus (1940) This film is available with English, Italian & Spanish audio, and subtitled in many more language options. Black & White version: Director: H.C. Potter Writers: Frank Cavett, Elaine Ryan Stars: Fred Astaire, Burgess Meredith, Paulette Goddard, & Artie Shaw Genre: Colorized classics, Comedy, Musical, Romance 00:00 Full Movie (with subtitles) 01:39 A group of friends reminisce about their college days and a past due encyclopedia bill leads to a humorous confrontation. 06:43 Musical comedy film featuring a secretary's journey in the entertainment industry. 11:16 Discussion about music, dancing, and academic struggles among friends during a party preparation. 19:31 Unexpected events unfold as characters navigate through a series of misunderstandings and opportunities in a musical romance film. 26:06 Musical band auditions take place, leading to a promising opportunity for the protagonist. 30:50 Musical audition mishaps and romantic entanglements unfold at Artie Shaw's office. 36:48 Rivalry and romantic complications unfold as Hank Taylor navigates his relationships with Ellen and Artie Shaw. 50:26 Romance unfolds as Ellen navigates between two suitors and Hank's unexpected visit causes tension. 53:48 Unexpected encounters lead to revelations and decisions in a musical setting. 58:32 A man tries to make amends for his mistakes and misjudgments in a musical setting. 1:02:08 Musical performance rehearsal with unexpected guests and a secret plan to surprise Shaw. 1:13:18 Preparation and arrangements for a concert, including a secret plan involving Artie and Hank. 1:14:21 Musical performance by Danny impresses Artie Shaw, leading to a job offer. @CultCinemaClassics Members-only videos


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