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Title:How to build a DIY 250cc off road scooter start to finish

In this video you see me building a DIY 250cc army style offroad scooter at home in my garage. The video contains the full build start to finish and the testdrive. I added chapters below to easily navigate through the video. After building a few electric scooters I thought it was time to build one that was gasoline powered. I got my hands on the front forks and engine of a Yamaha Majesty 250 and got to work. The goal was to create an offroad scooter so I mounted offroad tires. It drives very well and has more than enough power (it's kinda scary fast in the straight line :) ), but I have to admit the offroad capabilities are a bit limited due to the small wheels and low ground clearance. In the testdrive part of the video you see I have to carefully navigate not to get stuck. In the open fields it would be perfect. Apart from that, I am very happy how it turned out. It looks and drives great and is a lot of fun. Chapters: 0:00 - intro 0:27 - making a jig to build the frame 2:24 - building the frame 4:58 - building the rear swing arm 9:19 - making footrests 9:41 - mounting the fuel tank 10:38 - mounting the radiator 11:07 - adding cross bracing 12:43 - making front plate 14:25 - making battery tray, fuel pump mount, stater relay mount 15:39 - welding out everything 16:16 - painting 16:45 - final assembly 18:09 - presentation of the finished scooter 19:23 - testdrive Leave your remarks or questions in the comments below, I am happy to answer them. If you like this kind of builds consider subscribing so you don't miss the next project. Thanks for watching! Check out some of my homebuilt electric projects here:


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