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Title:Wrestling Techniques for Beginners for Easy Takedowns (Tutorial)

Basic and easy wrestling techniques for beginners are essential to building your arsenal. With this simple slide and reversal it will put you in prime position to take your opponents back while giving you multiple options for an easy takedown. They key to wrestling is movement and positioning, if you can out leverage your opponent, you open up more opportunities. Wrestling is a physically and mentally demanding sport and focusing on wrestling basics is crucial to developing as a young wrestler. If you're an mma fighter than learning how to wrestle is non-negotiable. You need at the very least, an understanding of the basics of wrestling and how to prevent takedowns while being able to rely on landing a takedown if you get into trouble. Stars and Strikes mma is a mixed martial arts gym out of Michigan with both amateur and professional fighters. Our gym and fitness classes are open to everyone of all ages and experience levels. Whether they want to try Brazilian Jiujitsu, learn self defense, our step into the octagon themselves, we have athletes and coachers of all levels to help you on your journey in mixed martial arts. We go over basic and advanced striking techniques every class to help not only work on your foundational striking skills, but to add more tools to your arsenal. The basics of striking and technique are vital in your development as a fighter and if you want to make it to the UFC or a professional fighting organization, you need to have s solid foundation to stand on. Stars and Strikes was established in 2010 by James Beneteau and is the premier mma gym in Michigan to train in mixed martial arts. Main Cast: James Benteau - Owner/Coach Nick Fillion - Coach/MMA Fighter Dean Caldwell - Professional MMA Fighter Derrick Mandell - Professional MMA Fighter Ken Hunt - Professional MMA Fighter Christian Neff - Amateur MMA Fighter Devin Reed - Amateur MMA Fighter Ben Phillips - Kickboxer FOLLOW US ON: Instagram: Do you live in Michigan and want to train in MMA? Then check out Stars and Strikes MMA where we have evverything from professional mma fighters to people that just want to learn self-defense. Whether you want to grapple, learn jiu jitsu, or kick box, we have coaches with years of experience built up over their careers.


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