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Title:Top 7 mistakes I've made in making my permaculture food forest.

Learn from me! Don't do these 7 things that I've done. It's easy for a creator to show all the best parts of their gardens. But the plants you see are the survivors. The true lessons are learned in what you don't see - because those sum beeches ded. Today I show you 7 mistakes (really 10, four of them are lumped together) that I made while making my food forest. I'm sure the years will teach me many more. Thanks for watching. A few things I cut out in editing to improve video flow, but are worth mentioning: - When collecting plants in the wild, I follow a 95/5 rule. That means that I always leave 95% of the plants or foraged food I come across alone, for nature. So when I mention that I went to the abandoned Lowe's parking lot and dug up some wild seabuckthorn plants, it was a FIELD of seabuckthorn. They were doing what they do - being pioneer plants - turning a parking lot back into a forest. - When you transplant plants, be very careful. You are spreading plant genetics and most of the invasives we have today are invasive because they were displaced from their stage in ecological development in a specific area, and put outside of that. In this new area, they may vastly out compete other plants and could become problematic. - I cut out some lower impact mistakes such as not planting densely enough, not maintaining a good winter covercrop, and more. The video was just too long. I may include these in a future video, because overnight I remembered a really big mistake I made - bringing in horse manure from a place that I didn't know. They must use herbicide on the hay they feed their horses, because I have a dead patch of my garden (for 3 years now) because of it. Aminopyralids are terrible and will last in your soils for a LONG time. ______________________ Doing shopping on Amazon? If you start your shopping by clicking on my Amazon affiliate link, it costs you nothing (not even a penny) but I receive a small commission of anything you buy. The link here takes you to my website blog on my favorite permaculture books. However, if you click on any link there as your starting point, then go buy ANYTHING, it helps support me. Want to become a member and earn perks? Check out our membership program here: Want CPL merch? Or help me plant trees directly through Patreon by becoming a Patron: Want consultation services? Chat 1 on 1 and ask questions about your own project? Or do you want something bigger, like full out consultation? Want me to design your own project? I now offer those services on my website: Moving to the country to start a new life. Young Family trades sodgrass for a horse farm over at Barn Boots and Country Roots: For great recipes, cooking, storing, canning, and growing tips, check out Gardening in the North: Music credits: Epidemic sound: Closer by Jay Someday | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License


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