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Title:MAGiC POTiONS and RAiNBOW GHOSTS?! Mystery Drink Game with Niko & Dad playing pirate island roblox

Rainbow ghosts EVERYWHERE!! In ROBLOX!? AHHHH! JOIN THE FAM - HEY EVERYBODY!! Rainbow Ghosts? Potions? Giants? And... Brawl Stars??? Oh boy we have SO much to show you today on this brand new exciting episode of G for Gaming! Adley wasn't around but Niko and Dad made real life potions to start off with! Niko and Shaun set up their potion brewing spot and got ready to make some of the craziest and tastiest (and maybe not so tasty) potions! First Shaun made his potion with real Spacestation soda and Meta Moon Prime! Niko showed us some of his first potion and he started with Piggy Punch! Next he added some strawberry lemonade and it made him go crazy with too much energy! But Dad's potion turned his mouth into a duck beak and he couldn't stop quacking!! Niko added some water to his potion but it was too much water and made it taste not so good BUT it made him want to play Roblox instantly! So Dad and Niko grabbed their phone and iPad and played some games. Even though Niko really wanted to play Roblox first we started with Brawl Stars a brand new game that we have never played on G for Gaming! Dad & Niko were on a team against everyone in the match and they fought hard and super well and guess what! WE WON!!! So then we went to go play our Roblox Pirate Island because it has another brand new update with super fun things for you all to check out! When we joined Niko saw that somebody was wearing his Roblox merch from Pirate Island! But there are Rainbow Ghosts taking over the island that will chase you and get you! Niko was dancing so that pink wouldn't get him! But Shaun didn't dance in time and the Pink Ghost got him! But it teleported Shaun and Niko to Fairy Adley potion cave! Niko found a diamond that we can use as an ingredient in our Pirate Island Potions! Niko's first potion turned him into a little tiny baby and Shaun's first potion turned him into a glow dad! Niko had another potion that made him invisible! But our favorite potions were the Giant Potions! We became Giant and were stomping around Pirate Island and we were humongous! The Rainbow ghosts didn't even get us when were huge! But, that's all we had time to explore on Roblox Pirate Island today but today was so much fun and we're so happy to have you all here watching! We can't wait to see you again on our favorite gaming channel G for Gaming! enjoy some A for Adley videos: have a blast with our A for Adley Shorts: share a best day ever with our family: fun best day ever shorts: watch the latest A for Adley video: RAiNBOW GHOSTS Trick or Treat COSTUME!! Adley and Dad learn how to make diy rainbow ghost costumes this is our channel G for Gaming!! this is a place that i can share all of my favorite gaming moments!!


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