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Title:Cast your worries on Him, because He worries about you | Prophet William Branham

122 We find that after the world had took its intellectual conception of the Word, those man become great man, renown man. The Bible says so, Genesis 6:4. Renown man running after real pretty women and things, like we had the whole world. Just went through it on The Flashing Red Lights, we’ve talked the other night how the women were to be prettier in the last days, how man, renown man, like the scandal in England and United States. And it’ll still be discovered one of these days. See, you just don’t know what all these call girls and everything else is all about. See? Do you know there’s three-to-one barmaid than there is high school or college girl? Three-to-one barmaids than high school and college girl. Do you know, a certain percent, I can’t call it now ’cause it isn’t before me, I never wrote it down, but almost a third of the high school children over the nation is either been proven immoral or had to go home to be mothers? Do you know that taking penicillin to drive back venereal has only set in a corruption amongst the people, which, that thing is not dead? But yet, see, God said it would visit to the fourth generation. It’s causing Mongolian and everything else, and children are…Oh, how sin, how subtle it is! How them people, them ministers will stand and not preach against them stripteases on the street, and let them sing in the choir, and everything like that, and see that’s the very thing that sent our nation to hell, sent our race to hell. That’s right. So now we find that after God got enough of it, as I believe He has today…


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