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Title:Master Class! Interactive Listening & Summary Course for the Duolingo English Test

Study more with me here 👇 My Practice Platform: My Production Score Program: My e-book - Complete guide to the DET: All PDFs for YouTube videos: Boost Your Duolingo English Test Skills: Interactive Listening & Summary Mini-Course This course is designed to improve your skills in two key areas: Interactive Listening and Summary Writing. Lesson 1 - Interactive Listening Strategies: Learn essential tips for better understanding and responding. Lesson 2 - Summary Writing Structure: Discover how to write clear, concise summaries. Lesson 3 - Practical Exercises: Gain confidence through hands-on practice. 0:00 Introduction 1:07 Interactive Listening 16:25 Summarize the Conversation 24:35 Interactive Listening and Summary Practice Questions Are you taking the Duolingo English Test soon? Let me know in the comments. The Duolingo English Test offers a convenient way for students to prove their English language skills, especially when applying to universities in English-speaking countries. This test, which is similar to IELTS and TOEFL, is widely accepted by many universities worldwide. If you're planning to study abroad, the Duolingo English Test could be a great choice for you. To find out if the university you're interested in accepts this test, simply check the Duolingo English Test website. - Like and share the video - Use the subtitles if you need to - Write a comment! Sharing Duolingo English Test lessons to help you improve your score! #DuolingoEnglishTest #DuolingoEnglishTestWriting


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