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Title:I went to Snowy Hokkaido Just to Try Nikka Distillery Whisky!

Join Shizuka on an immersive journey to the renowned Yoichi Nikka Distillery in Hokkaido, where the art of Japanese whisky production comes to life. In this video, Shizuka delves into the intricate process, from barley malting to cask aging, with a behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmanship involved. At Yoichi Distillery, guests can immerse themselves in the legacy of Masataka Taketsuru, the founding father of Japanese whisky. After spending crucial years in Scotland studying distillation and apprenticing at various distilleries, Taketsuru established his own distillery in 1934. It’s now Shizuka’s chance to delve into his remarkable journey and contributions to the whisky industry. The adventure continues with a whisky tasting session right at the distillery, where Shizuka explores the diverse flavors and nuances of different blends, gaining an appreciation for the spectrum of whiskies, including those with smoky notes, sweet aromas, and everything in between. To enhance the whisky experience, Shizuka takes you to Rita’s Kitchen, where you can savor delicious recipes crafted by Rita, the wife of Masataka Taketsuru and the symbolic "mother of Japanese whisky." These dishes are carefully curated to perfectly complement the distinct flavors of Japanese whisky. Finally, Shizuka introduces two amazing bars where you can indulge in exquisite Yoichi whisky. One is located in Otaru, Hokkaido, aptly named Rita as an hommage. The other is situated in Tokyo, providing a convenient option for those unable to visit Hokkaido during their stay. FEATURED FOODS Crane’s Bouquet Roasted Chicken Hokkaido Pork Spare Ribs Cooked in Apple Cider Nikka Single Cask Malt Whisky Nikka Whisky Tsuru Woody & Vanillic Single Malt Yoichi Whisky Peaty & Salty Single Malt Yoichi Whisky Smoked Scallop Single Malt Miyagikyo Whisky with Pear Single Malt Yoichi Whisky Carpaccio US Prime Hanging Tender Beef LOCATION Yoichi Distillery Yoichi, Hokkaido Rita’s Kitchen Yoichi, iHokkaido Nikka Bar Rita Otaru, Hokkaido Tokyo Whisky Library Omotesando, Tokyo TIMELINE 0:00 Intro 0:42 Yoichi 2:16 Whisky Distillery 6:24 Rita's Kitchen 10:27 Nikka Museum 13:12 Otaru 13:53 Nikka Bar Rita 17:37 Tokyo Whisky Library 23:07 Outro ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT BYFOOD: ByFood is Japan’s one-stop platform for foodie travelers. Here, visitors can book food experiences (food tours, cooking classes, dining experiences, tastings), place restaurant reservations without Japanese, and learn about Japanese food culture and places to eat in different regions of Japan. ByFood strives to make Japanese food culture accessible to anyone, removing the language barrier and accommodating dietary needs. And if your perfect food experience isn’t available on our platform, the VIP Gourmet Concierge will create one that is custom-made for you. Best of all, for every experience that’s booked on byFood, 10 school meals will be donated to children in need through the Food for Happiness program. Visit us at: Subscribe: Japan by Food on Facebook: Japan by Food on Instagram: Twitter:


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