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Title:この状態からどうやって転回すんのよ?? How to maneuver tourist bus in tight situation. 九州産交 観光バス動画 Tourist Bus movie.

Video that this bus regiment will depart one after another on the next day ↓ 【Kyushu Industrial Tourist Bus, one climbing the slope one after another】 Http:// Tourist Bus how to turning from this situation in japan? The real Wheels of the Bus. In Kumamoto, familiar, coloring like Gundam (especially Selega looks so) is a Kyushu soup tour bus. I arrive by heading down from the head, but after that I will park the car in order of cars like a puzzle well. Drivers will also contact the following bus on the radio to let you know the features of the entrance. ※ Request for large-sized bus interview request · contact with hatred · video production request wanted Another day, also the squat bus regiment, the arrival scene one after another at night 【Arrive one after another → parking scenery at the sightseeing bus corps at night in Kyushu Industrial Tourism Bus Night in tourist bus in Japan.】 Http:// 【Kyushu Sangyo Tourism Corporation】 Http:// 【Large Sightseeing Bus · Playlist】 Http:// _ BHMH 02 WX cM & list = PL x Q a D 93 E 1 - 754 X c P pj g 4 MP x 1 VU x 9 UU gRe ■ Large Sightseeing Bus HD Movie Collection Https:// ■ 14ft Boat NISPAC Nisspack Revival Project! Https:// ■ Various radio control model ship video Https:// ■ Nature · disaster · scoop picture Https:// 【Subscribe Click here! 】 Http://


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