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Title:What are UNATs?! Why NatCats Have Taken Over Ordinals ๐Ÿ™€

We discuss the innovative world of unique non-arbitrary tokens (UNATs), exploring how AI is reshaping art and value creation. We dive into natcats, rare PFP artworks generated from blockchain patterns, and the emerging ecosystem they inhabit. Unpacking the complex nature of these creations, as we explain the significance of the discovery process within Bitcoin's hex-based bit fields and the future of art collections combining unique and fungible tokens. We also tease the idea of a metaverse society, with a million avatars, each represented by a UNAT. Technical updates on the $NAT mint inscription UNAT conversion, deployment changes impacting minted NATs, and third-party involvement for asset visibility are also covered, alongside the expansion of the DMT standard to support diverse content. The conversation touches on the potential for creating hybrid tokens and finding value in previously overlooked mint inscriptions - all through the lens of bitcoin's immutable record. Links in Video 1. Natcats visualization: 2. Gitbook: 3. UnisonX - 4. DegenCoder - 5. Block 43292: 6. Decimal to Hex - Get our NFT: Please like and subscribe. Also, check out our podcast on your favorite podcasting app! Play on our land: Website: Follow us on: Twitter: Telegram: Our Discord: Mscribe Discord: Audio: ๏ฃฟ: Spotify: Stitcher: Thumbnail by: That Xavier - Twitter: End Music by Twitter: @Nat_Thom_ Youtube: Disclaimer The views and opinions expressed by The Block Runner are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment, or other advice. 0:00 Discussion about nat cats and DMT update. 3:12 Summary: Access, locate block 43 292. 8:24 Art patterns determine fungible token supply. Ecosystem birth. 11:24 Update to DMT framework enables diverse content. 13:39 Unique digital evolution creating new artificial species. 17:40 Unison in natcats, unique NFT art creation. 21:34 Useless mints transformed into valuable art. 24:23 Exciting developments in DMT and digital tokens. 25:56 Be ready, appreciate it, catch you later. #blockrunner #NAT #nats


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