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Title:How to Build An EPIC Diffuser For $100! (Full Parts List Included)

---------- Support TheCarPassionChannel on Patreon! Want to make a one-time donation? You can buy me a gallon of E85! Interested in having a 1 on 1 video call? Details below: What’s that digital gauge in the dash?! It’s called a CanChecked and you can pick one up from my friends at Bofi Racing! (Car Passion affiliate link) Check out my Amazon Store! Use coupon code CARPASSION50 to save $50 on your first High Performance Academy course! --------- More Info About The Build: (Quantities are to replicate mine) 48" x 48" x 0.187" ABS Plastic Sheet (1 needed): 100-Pack of #10-24 Machine Screws (70 needed): 100-Pack of #10-24 Nylon Lock Nuts (70 Needed): 50-Pack of L Brackets (35 needed): 2-Pack of Splitter Rods (2 needed): 1-Pack of DEI 12" x 24" Heat Tape Sheet (1 Needed): 1-Pack of Black RTV (Less than 1 tube needed) The following pieces are exactly the dimensions of the parts used in this build, but it's hard to find small quantities online. It will be much better to source them locally from a hardware store, or shop around online for similar products in smaller quantities. Total cost for everything below, in the quantities used, was about $11.00. 1" x 0.125" Aluminum Flat Bar, Yes I said steel in the video SORRY (12" Needed) #12-24 Machine Screws (2 Needed, Rear Bracket-to-Splitter) #12-24 Nylon Lock Nuts (2 Needed, Rear Bracket-to-Splitter) #12 Flat Washers (4 Needed, Rear Bracket-to-Splitter) 1/4" x 28tpi x 1" Hex Bolts (2 Needed, Rear Bracket-to-Car) 1/4" x 28tpi Nylon Lock Nuts (2 Needed, Rear Bracket-to-Car) 1/8" Drill bit was used to drill for the #10-24 screws threaded into the ABS Standard AND Metric Screw Size vs Tap Drill Size Chart: Matt's Instagram All amazon links above are affiliate links


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