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Title:Elon Musk: Tesla Motors CEO, Stanford GSB 2013 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

At the 36th annual ENCORE Award event on October 2, 2013, Stanford Graduate School of Business honored Tesla Motor CEO and Product Architect, Elon Musk. Chairman of the ENCORE Selection Committee Geoff Yang (MBA '85) describes why Tesla Motors was selected: 04:20 Fireside Chat with Steve Jurvetson (MBA '95) and Elon Musk: 07:55 Elon Musk discusses 3 areas he thought would have a positive impact on the future: Sustainable energy, Internet and making life multi-planetary 09:00 Elon Musk: "I didn't get into any of this with the expectation of success." 10:46 Why Elon Musk decided to study at Stanford in 1995 11:23 Choosing to focus on the Internet versus electric vehicle technology 11:45 Humble beginnings: When Elon Musk started his first Internet company 13:35 Elon Musk on being the CEO of two companies at the same time 16:41 Driving innovation in tough, highly-regulated industries 19:33 The role of luck in electric vehicle design to build the best car 23:15 When did you first know all vehicles would be electric? 25:40 "I used to talk to dates about electric cars." 26:37 Tesla Motors on being a purpose-driven, not profit-driven business 29:16 "We have to generate enough cash flow to fund future developments." 31:12 Elon Musk about SpaceX and Mars 31:40 On Tesla Motors model line-up and trademarks 39:00 Elon Musk on electric supersonic VTOL aircrafts 40:49 Is Tesla Motors going to expand worldwide, including China? 42:53 How does Elon Musk balance profits with purpose? 46:05 Elon Musk on making a car for the masses 51:08


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