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Title:Evolution of Medallions of Mythic Bosses in Fortnite (Chapter 5 Season 1 - Chapter 5 Season 3)

All Fortnite Medallions of Bosses, Mythic Weapons & Vault Locations from Chapter 5 Season 1 to Chapter 5 Season 3 Medallions are a type of item and a gameplay mechanic in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They were introduced in Chapter 5: Season 1. My goal is to create and bring you the Evolution of Fortnite a fun, educational and entertaining way! Enjoy and make sure to subscribe! ►Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 👉Creator Code : Zylaz 👍LIKE This Video for More Content! ✔️Subscribe Today and Turn Notifications on: ►Social Media: 🟣Instagram - 🔵Twitter - ⚫️DISCORD- 🔴Contact - ⏱Timestamps : All Fortnite Medallions : 00:00 - Intro CHAPTER 5 SEASON 1 - Society Medallions 00:06 - Peter Griffin's Medallion (Peter Griffin) 01:31 - Oscar's Medallion (Oscar) 02:34 - Montague's Medallion (Montague) 03:44 - Valeria's Medallion (Valeria) 04:46 - Nisha's Medallion (Nisha) CHAPTER 5 SEASON 2 - Aspects of the Gods 05:39 - Aspect of Speed (Zeus) 07:24 - Aspect of Siphon (Hades) 08:50 - Aspect of Agility (Cerberus) 09:49 - Aspect of Combat (Ares) CHAPTER 5 SEASON 3 - Spoils of War 11:04 - Megalo Don's Medallion (Megalo Don) 12:06 - Ringmaster Scarr's Medallion (Ringmaster Scarr) 13:00 - The Machinist's Medallion (The Machinist) I'm a huge fan of FORTNITE just like you and love putting together videos showing the evolution of Fortnite. It takes a lot of effort to create these videos but I'm proud of them. It takes me about 14-16 hours per video and requires a lot of research. ğŸŽµProduction Music by #Fortnite #MythicWeapons


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