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Title:The LinnStrumentalists Volume 3

A third compilation of videos submitted by the more than 4000 LinnStrument players around the world. To learn more about LinnStrument and see more videos, visit Here's more information about each of the segments: 0:00 Name: Ernesto Domingo From: Inglewood, CA, USA “Sleep Walk” Source video: Sound: Jazz Guitar from Kontakt Factory Library 00:36 Player: Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater From: New York, USA Title: Playing GeoSWAM instruments for iPad Source video: Sound: GeoSWAM instruments for iPad app GeoShred (Geo Tenor Sax, Geo Violin, Geo Cello, Geo Flute, Geo Trumpet). For a discount offer on a bundle of 11 of these instruments for the GeoShred iPad app. see 1:16 Name: Fontaine Burnett From: Tornesch, Germany Composition: "As We Go" Source video: Sound: Edited “Petrof 275” sound from PianoTeq 1:47 Name: Lars Daniel From: Copenhagen Title: “Goodnight jam on a 300 year old Bach composition” Source video: Sound: Synthmaster 2 for iOS 2:41 Name: Max Bajzek From: Pittsburgh, PA Composition: “O Virtus Sapientiae (Oh Virtue of Wisdom) by Hildegard of Bingen, 12th century” Source video: Sound: Serum 3:19 Player: Jesse Washmon From: Denton, TX, USA Composition: “Elegie Op. 3 No. 1” by S. Rachmaninoff Source video: Sound: PianoTeq (piano sound) 4:21 Player: Jeremy Cubert From: Gaithersburg, MD, USA Composition: “Memory of Flight” by Jeremy Cubert Source video: Sound: Shreddage 3 Fretless Sample Library from Impact Soundworks 5:03 Player: Jimmy Vainionpää (AndEcho) From: Malmö, Sweden Composition: “Op-1 and LinnStrument” Source video: Sound: Teenage Engineering Op-1 5:45 Player: Quincas Moreira From: Mexico City, Mexico Title: Electro Samba Jazz improvisation Source video: Sound: SWAM Sax by Audio Modeling 6:14 Player: Zach Burke From: Vancouver, WA, USA Composition: “Explorer” by Lari Basilio Source video: Sound: Orange Tree Samples "Better Shredder" preset (with all tone fx disabled) into Guitar Rig 6 "PC More Juice Solo" preset. 6:44 Player: Dan Panitzki From: Townsville, QLD, Australia Title: “Take 5” by Dave Brubeck Source video: Sound: SWAM Soprano Sax 7:14 Player: Stephen Barnard From: Asheville, NC, USA Title: VG Flugelhorn Plus on LinnStrument Source video: Sound: VG Flugelhorn Plus 8:07 Player: Roger Linn From: Los Altos, CA, USA Title: Over the Rainbow Source video: Sound: “Theremin” in “LinnStrument MPE” library for Surge XT


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