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Title:"There's A Song That's Being Heard" | Official Video | Tommy Walker

This song, and the concept for this video, were born out of an experience I had one evening in 2021. So many discouraging things were happening to me and many others during the pandemic. I had personally experienced the loss of friends and family members, my congregation and I were unable to meet in our church building, and there seemed to be no end to the negative news stories, political hate, and culture wars. I also kept hearing the media announce how the Church around the world was shrinking. It was a hard time for all of us! Then one night after speaking to some vibrant Bible college students on a Zoom call, I went online and began watching some live Christian worship services that were happening in different parts of the world. I thought to myself, “Bad news is what sells, but God is yet on the move and the sounds of worship are yet being heard all over the Earth!” I decided to write a song that speaks to this truth and invite worshipers from all over the world to join me. I wanted to ENCOURAGE AND REMIND millions of people that joyful, hope-filled, worship expressions (like you will see in this video) are indeed happening every day all over the Earth! So, after writing the song, recording it, inviting hundreds of people to be a part, traveling to Europe, and getting my incredible team to put it together… here it is! If you're a Christian, I hope this project indeed reminds and encourages you that you are a part of a great big family which represents every tribe and nation and a Kingdom that will have no end! If you are not a Christian, I am so grateful that you stumbled upon this video. I want you to know that you are most certainly invited to join us in this song and a life of devotion to Jesus and His worshiping Church! – Tommy Walker P.S. Though there are many credits and acknowledgments at the end of this video, I want to thank and acknowledge Bob Perkins for his tireless hours of incredible video editing on this project! __________ PARTNERSHIP Tommy Walker Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit. We love creating worship resources for people to be able to share their Christian faith. Your prayers and donations allow us to freely give away our material. We would be so honored if you would consider partnering with us financially. Follow Tommy Walker Ministries: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: The official YouTube channel of Tommy Walker Ministries. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more.


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