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Title:Aubrey Plaza Talks Puerto Rican Identity, Making Latinx films - 'Highly Relevant' Podcast

'Highly Relevant' host Jack Rico spoke to the talented Aubrey Plaza about her trippy new film 'Black Bear,' plus her rarely talked about Puerto-Rican heritage, her desire to make Latinx films, and why breaking Latina stereotypes is a priority for her. On creating her own vision of Latinx films: “In my own way, I try to portray Hispanic characters that aren’t the stereotypes because I think that’s one thing that we’re really up against especially Latina women. There’s such a stereotype there, and there are so many different kinds of Hispanic women and people that we just don’t even see. We are not represented on film or on television, it’s just the same kind of archetypes over and over again.” - Aubrey Plaza 00:26 Aubrey describes 'Black Bear' 03:19 Aubrey on art imitating life in this film 03:54 Aubrey on producing when acting 06:41 Aubrey on perceptions of her and listening to critics 09:11 Aubrey on filming in Upstate NY and challenges 10:21 Aubrey on the fate of the moviegoing experience 13:31 Aubrey on how quarantine has changed her as a storyteller 15:13 Aubrey on being half-Puerto Rican and making Latinx films 'The Highly Relevant Podcast'' is a Latinx pop culture podcast where Jack Rico (TV host, journalist, film critic and podcaster) talks with actors, musicians, journalists, and media executives about how Latinx pop culture is influencing mainstream entertainment. To listen to all the interviews, subscribe to our podcast on these platforms: iTunes: Spotify: iHeart Radio: Pandora: Follow Jack here 👇🏽: Twitter - Instagram -


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