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Finally, a walk in wardrobe tour video! the one that you have been frequently requested! Are you guys excited? Let's have a tour, shall we? Build the house of your desires with us at: INSTAGRAM | WHATSAPP | +65 8608 9346 WEBSITE | For HG Works business enquiries, please email us at Wardrobe Tour Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 1:04 Fragrance Corner 1:24 Every wardrobe is equipped with a dehumidifier and a censor lighting system, hence lighting is automated when the doors open. 1:48 All the steel frames have been sprayed painted champagne gold. 3:32 All the drawers have soft closing hinges which absorb force and prevent slamming, keeping items protected. 6:30 Hg Works fabricated these 3 hanger rods to hold more short bottoms like skirts, saving space. They are all spray painted champagne gold as well. 7:57 Every single wardrobe is fitted with a hidden dehumidifier rod underneath the shelves. 8:41 This concealed hinge throughout gives a luxurious and elegant visual as the hinges cannot be seen through glass doors. Gold metallic trimmings are also added to give a princess-like, lavish look. 10:39 HG Works was able to custom-make these compartments specifically for different sized belts. 11:06 Based on Jamie’s needs, she designed the jewelry closet and Hg Works highly customized it to be modular based. The entire interior can be removed and reinstalled in a different closet. 11:31 Quilted Velvet Fabric 12:13 Earring organizers are all highly custom fabricated to display the different pieces. 13:53 A smartly fabricated hidden storage space for accessories and hung items while saving space. 17:44 Hg Works delivered a raised platform to display 2 layers of shoes as per request. This is to allow showcasing and picking of shoes easily, as well as keeping the shoe display neat. 18:09 A hidden pantry is custom built in the wardrobe to encapsulate a bar fridge and snacks area. 18:27 Using the coplanar sliding system, the wardrobe doors disguised as a walkway can slide smoothly, silently and intuitively. 18:42 The inserts to keep cufflinks and accessories, as well as compartments for watches are all custom-made. 19:45 The bag house is made of a 12mm curved tempered glass, which is difficult to fabricate in Singapore, but Hg Works worked with overseas partners to make this possible by fabricating overseas and brought it to Singapore. 19:50 Dehumidifier is concealed underneath each shelf to ensure bags remain in pristine conditions. 21:29 The shelves are made of stainless steel, electroplated at the top and coated in oak veener finish, then further powder coated in gold on the bottom. This gives an elegant feel, while ensuring that the shelves are long lasting. Hi, lovelies! I’m Jamie Chua, and I’m currently exploring the wonders of YouTube. I love to travel and explore the world and enjoy everything about food, shopping, culture, fashion, beauty, and more. Join me as I share these amazing experiences with you. You can also follow along as I tour around my house, showing off my babies - my handbags, thousand pieces of clothes, and jewelry! Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to this channel if you want to see more of me and my inner life! 🥂💋💖 Subscribe: Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Bilibili: IG - FB - Bilibili - For business enquiries: Thank you to Deity Mics for providing me with the mics I use to shoot! Visit their page at: #jamiechua


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