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Title:Bloom Where You Are Planted | Usman Riaz | TEDxKyoto

Usman Riaz is the founder of Mano Animation Studios, Pakistan's first hand-drawn animation studio. Through his work at Mano, Usman is combining his love for Japanese animation and honoring the craft of hand-drawn animation made famous by Walt Disney Animation. Bringing animation to a country with no background in the art was a struggle which presented many problems and difficulties. However, through passion and perseverance, Usman hopes to be able to lay the foundation for an animation industry in Pakistan.   ウスマーン・レアーズはパキスタンで初めてのセルアニメスタジオであるMano Animation Studiosの創設者であり、日本のアニメへの愛と、ウォールトディズニーアニメによるセルアニメの技術への尊敬を持ってManoでの制作活動を行っている。アニメのバックグラウンドのない祖国にアニメを広めることは多くの問題と困難を伴ったが、ウスマンは情熱と忍耐を持って取り組んでおり、いつかパキスタンにアニメーション産業の基盤を築ける日が来ることを願っている。 Usman Riaz is an artist, composer and animator residing in Karachi, Pakistan. At the age of 20 Usman was selected to be a TED Fellow and attended the TEDGlobal 2012 in Edinburgh to showcase his work on music and art in Pakistan. Using TED as a platform, Usman pursued his love for hand-drawn animation and his dream of bringing traditional animation to Pakistan. Usman grew up watching famous animated works from Japan and his love for animation was sparked by the films of Studio Ghibli. Japanese animation motivated him to start his own hand- drawn animation studio: Mano. Mano Animation Studios is currently working on their first hand-drawn animated film ‘The Glassworker’ with a team of creatives from Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa, the U.S, the U.K and Japan. Hand-drawn animation has never been attempted in Pakistan, but the team Usman has formed is moving forward with the passion and love the craft deserves. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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