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Title:Opening to A Bug's Life - Widescreen 1999 VHS

Here is the opening to the 1999 Widescreen VHS of A Bug's Life. 1. Green Warnings (1997-2000) 2. Walt Disney Company intro [with MPAA green trailer bumper, the intro now plays the 1989 Walt Disney Classics logo music - the 1992 "bass heavy" variant - in the background alongside the Walt Disney Pictures logo music, instead of the 1994 Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo music] 3. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad - 50th Anniversary Preview [contrary to popular belief, this was released on LaserDisc in 1992 prior to this particular video release] 4. Alice in Wonderland/Robin Hood Preview [these were essentially Masterpiece Collection reprints with new cover artwork that would later be used for the two titles' Gold Classic Collection releases in 2000] 5. "Coming to Theaters" ("Join us for a special preview...") 6. Tarzan Sneak Peek preview [Part 2; Part 1 was seen on the Mulan 1999 VHS release] 7. Geri's Game short film [most of the short is edited for this upload to avoid a copyright strike; the opening and closing is preserved however] 8. "Feature Presentation" [this is one of a few 1999 Disney VHS releases that uses the 1991 variant of the "Feature Presentation" logo/bumper; as well as one of the last Disney VHS releases overall to use it at all] 9. THX Logo 10. 1995 Walt Disney Pictures Logo (Pixar version) 11. 1995 Pixar Animation Studios Logo [A Bugs Life was the first Pixar film to place it's logo at the beginning and the end of the film] 12. Opening Titles © Disney Enterprises, Inc.


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