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Title:I Survived 100 Days as SPEAKERMAN in HARDCORE Minecraft!

► SUBSCRIBE to the Channel! Join the epic battle for the city against the Skibidi-Zilla and his army of mind-controlled minions in this thrilling MineCraft adventure! As the Titan Speakerman, with 10 hearts, Max faces a city in chaos, but with his newfound upgrade, he's ready for action. The Skibidi-Zilla is terrorizing everything in its path, and the TV men are on the run. Can He stand against this massive monster? As the battle rages on, a cameraman ally joins the fight, only to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our hero. Heart-pounding action, mind-bending twists, and an epic showdown await as Max, the Titan Speakerman, fights to free his city and friends from the Skibidi-Zilla's control. But can he do it before it's too late? This episode is a fan video based on the series by @DaFuqBoom out his amazing original canon Skibidi Toilet series here: Mods Utilized: Curseforge Mods【invader】/ Mods: Additional Guns - Auxiliary Blocks - Builders Crafts & Additions - Cyclic - Dramatic Doors - Epic Fight - Exline's Furniture Mod - Future Pack - Mahou Tsukai - MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod - MrCrayfish's Gun Mod - NineZero's Gun Expansion - Plonk - SecurityCraft - WarStuff Legacy B&D - Maps: Additional Lights - Alex’s Mobs - Citadel - Angel Ring - Curios API - Cyclic - BetterAnimalsPlus - Architectury API - BMorph - Carry On - Catalogue - CMD Cam - Creative Core - Configured - Custom NPCs - Dynamic Surroundings - Effortless Building - Fakename - Flyspeedmod - Hide Armor - Just Enough Items - LuckyTNT - Mob Battle - MorePlayerModels - OptiFine - Pehkui - Shrink - Supplementaries - Selene - Warp - Wings - World Edit - Suggested rating: TV-PG This video contains material not suitable for younger audiences. Published under license between Newscape Studios and DaFuq Marks.


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