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Title:SUMMER SCHOOL with Adley & Niko!! Mom is our Art Teacher! new Back to School supplies for first day

hope you love our A for Adley NEON RAiNBOW Back to School merch as much as we do🖤💜 💚💛💖 made with care by our family and crew for all of you :) LET'S BE FRIENDS -- HEY EVERYBODY!! Today is our first day of SUMMER SCHOOL, but I slept in so now we are running late so I have to get ready really fast! First I pulled out some outfits that I could wear, it's all new clothes from our A for Adley Back to School merch drop! I could wear the purple shirt with the rainbow cheetah pants.. or i could wear the pink shirt with the black rainbow pants. I can't decide!! Before I decide what to wear I need to go wake Niko up so he can get ready too! I tried EVERYTHING for him to get up but he just wouldn't! I tried jumping on his bed, yelling, and even shaking him awake, finally he woke up when I threw his backpack at him! I told his that it was the first day of Summer School, so he started getting ready while I finished picking out my outfit. Once we were all ready for school we climbed on the bus and headed to our first class.. ART CLASS! Art class has always been my favorite because I LOVE being creative and doing art projects! The first art we did was called "Crazy Monsters" we picked out popsicle sticks to tell us what our monsters would look like! Mine had a tiny belly, gross feet, and a stringy head! After that we made some colorful art of our names using the markers that come in our new A for Adley pencil pouches! Next we had lunch with the lunch lady Alli. She was so glad that Me and Niko brought our own lunch in our A for Adley lunch boxes because she brought her own lunch too and wanted to trade with us! I traded some of my cookies for a rice cake and some peaches! Niko traded some goldfish for carrots! We made sure to eat LOTS of healthy food so that we would have energy for our next class. Speaking of our next class.. its GYM CLASS! Our teacher Mr. Schneeeeeebuba had set up an obby (obstacle course) for us to try! Me and Niko both finished it super easy! After that we went over to the trampoline to practice our tricks and test out our jumping abilities! Then it was over to the skatepark to practice our balance and do some skateboard tricks! After gym class it was time to head back home. When we got back I invited Niko to my room to watch the storyboards for our newest Family Cartoon called "First Day of School" you can watch it tomorrow on Spacestation Animation YouTube channel! my last video - SNAKE ESCAPE in Exotic Zoo!! Adley & Niko feed baby turtles! rare animal transfer for vet check up my dad's last video - Surprise TREASURE HUNT!! Family 4th of July at pirate island, morning parade, beach swimming party A for Adley Shorts - Best Day Ever Shorts - G for Gaming - Spacestation Animation - Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


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