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Title:Storytime: My worst client EVER (Cardi B) ...sorry not click bait

Update: Its been a year now since the video went up and today Jan 1st 2019 it will be monetized. I have learned my LIFE lessons and have no hard feelings toward NOBODY involved I wish Cardi B and her Team all the best and I have moved on. With that being said and after a lot of thought I will recoup my fees and put it towards my business. Even though I didn't do this for financial gain a year ago Ive learn when life gives u lemons make lemonade. At over 7million views I see my voice was heard, this cautionary tale was taken into account, and my point was made. Thanks the those who support and for those who don't thank you anyway your opinions are still of value. (original comment) This video in no way speaks on how Cardi B is to everyone this is just my story on what happened to me. I posted this video the Wednesday following dec 16 and was asked to take it dwn bc of some content in the video that was private so now it’s edited and back up, also all negative comments will be deleted I’m not here to argue with ppl or feed into negativity.


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