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Title:How This Pen Changed The World

Get AnyDesk for free by visiting Have you ever wondered how a simple pen could revolutionize the world of writing? In this video, we delve into the incredible story behind the BIC Cristal, possibly the most successful product ever made. From its innovative design to the clever use of physics, discover how this iconic pen became a global phenomenon, selling over 100 billion units worldwide and significantly impacting literacy rates. Ready for another giveaway? Be sure to stick around until the end of this video to find out how you can win. You can find the entry link below. Short on time? Feel free to skip ahead in this video using the chapter links below. 00:00 The Pen That Changed the World 01:07 The History of the Pen 02:42 Capillary Action in Ballpoint Pens 05:05 Developing the BIC Cristal 06:17 BIC Cristal Pen Design 07:47 How BIC Cristal Changed the World Thanks for watching this Primal Space video. If you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to subscribe so you can see more videos like this! Support Primal Space by becoming a Patron! Twitter: References: Written and edited by Ewan Cunningham ( 3D Modeler: Orkun Zengin Music used in this video: Melting Glass - Eden Avery To Loom Is To Love - The Mini Vandals San Pedro - Sugoi Updstate - Track Tribe Sunset Trails - DJ Williams Key To Your Heart - The Mini Vandals #bic #biccristal #bicpen


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