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Title:Amani G ft Pitson - Ni Poa (It’s Wonderful) (Official Video) SMS "SKIZA 8569976" TO 811

AMANI G - NI POA Feat PITSON (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) #AmaniG #Pitson #NiPoa Follow AMANI G (Amani Gracious) on: Instagram: @amanigracious via Twitter: @Amani_g_ via Facebook: Follow PITSON on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: In “Ni Poa “, Amani and Pitson reminisce on what a friend we have in Jesus and all the great works He has done. The song brings out in a simple yet witty way how great and “cool” Jesus was sampling stories from his life. The song is produced by Jacky B and the video done by TrueD pictures. Amani, the 13 year old songstress will strike your memory for having wowed the world with her rendition of ‘Girl on Fire’ gaining recognition from Alicia Keys amongst many other Influential figures worldwide. She hails from a humble background living in Githurai with her mother who worked odd jobs and 3 siblings. Through her music , Amani has been able to uplift the standard of her family as well as inspire many just like her. Her debut single “Sitasahau” hit the air waves in July shortly followed by “In love” featuring Vivian. We at Pine creek as her Record Label are committed to giving her an opportunity to shine. “Ni Poa” is the third single off her Upcoming EP dubbed 13.  Executive Producer: Peter Nduati Project Manager: Lenny Ngugi Artiste Manager: Damima Duffield Audio: Jacky B Video Producer: TrueD Pictures TrueBlaq Limited. Mastered by: Dave Blackman @HiltonGrovemastering, UK All Rights Reserved PINECREEK ©2018 LYRICS Chorus Ni Poa Kuwa na Rafiki kama Yesu (It’s wonderful to have a friend like Jesus) Ukianguka kwa shimo anakutoa (When you fall in a hole he lifts you right back) Ni poa kuwa na rafiki kama yesu (It’s wonderful to have a friend like Jesus) Ukiwa mwenye dhambi anakuokoa (When you are a sinner he saves you) VERSE 1 Na je rafiki yako akisikia, Kwamba ndugu yako ameaga dunia (And when your friend hears your friend has passed on) Siku ya nne anatokea, Na ndugu yako rafiki anamfufua (On the 4th day he appears,and raises him up) Na je Rafiki yako ukimwambia, hatujalipa kodi wanatukujia (And when you tell your friend, our rent is overdue we are being evicted) Anakutuma kafungue mdomo wa samaki (He sends you to open the mouth of a fish) Hapo ndani kuna mapeni lipa kodi (There you find money to pay rent) Chorus Yoyoyo Yoyoyoyo, iyo iyo iyo iyoyoyoyo*2 Imagine rafiki ambaye haogopi, Imagine rafiki ambaye hatoroki (Imagine a friend who is never afraid and never runs away) Imagine rafiki ambaye hakuwachi, hata maji rafiki yanamtii (Imagine a friend who never leaves you, even the waters obey him) Mawimbi yakija rafiki anakemea kemea (When the storms come your friend casts them away) Juu ya maji rafiki anatembea tembea (A friend who walks on the water) Hakuna jambo rafiki linamlemea lemea (Nothing is impossible with this friend) Yesu ni rafiki anakungojea (Jesus is a friend and is waiting for you) Chorus #AmaniG #Pitson #NiPoa ©2018 Administered by Ngomma VAS Limited.


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