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Title:普丁又翻車?俄空軍基地又遭襲! 烏軍無人機飛越150公里摧毀大量俄軍「空中後衛」Su-34!【關鍵時刻】黃世聰

Lai Qingde vehemently said, "Rejecting the first battle will result in the final battle." Biden's attitude was tough and Xi Jinping backed down, "The United States encourages the attack on Taiwan, but refuses to fall into the trap"! The US military has several plans in progress! The Indo-Pacific commander called war in the Taiwan Strait a "hell scene" and the details are not bluffing! Taiwan Strait Operation SOP! "Replicator Project" mass-produces drones! "Beyond Project" creates an integrated information platform! The Russian air force base was attacked again! The Ukrainian drone flew over 150 kilometers and destroyed a large number of Russian "Air Defender" Su-34! Taiwan is becoming more and more important! Not only Huida, AMD, Amazon spent one billion US dollars to build its first regional data center! They are all core interests of the United States! The three giants of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft global cloud centers gather in Taiwan to invest heavily! Is the review false? Is the removal true? The green committee members shouted, "Get rid of the 10 blue committee members." Xu Qiaoxin's hatred level broke the charts and started a war in Taiwan! ? Flip the congressional minority structure? The Democratic Progressive Party's Xu Qiaoxin and Fu Kunqi preached across Taiwan, setting fire to the recall! ? The Democratic Progressive Party "devours whales with one hand and cannibalizes them with the other." Wang Shijian calls for comprehensive re-election of Congress and a nationwide campaign to recall blue committee members! Isn't it impossible to "stop core"? The countdown for "Eradicating the Black Core" begins...50,000 to 80,000 votes will pass the third stage! ? She has the highest hatred value among Green Camp supporters! Xu Qiaoxin was in danger and shouted, "Let me vote more than you can get"! She is the number one war criminal gathered in the Green Camp. Xu Qiaoxin, the "super-perfect deposed person", fights all the way to 2028 in a bloody war! ? The first train to recall the Democratic Progressive Party went straight to Xu Qiaoxin! ? Huang: The Green Camp's hatred mobilization is very powerful, so we must get rid of her! Can she take photos from Chen Shizhong to Wang Yichuan? The KMT attacks the "main gunner" and the DPP vows to get rid of her? The Democratic Progressive Party's "fire for recall" across Taiwan will be maintained until next year. Huang: Xu Qiaoxin will also add firewood to heat up! He is tough on China, and Lai Qingde will also fight to the end on the inside! ? Repeal motion, recall, and 2026 election constitute the "trilogy of counterattacks"! ? Lai Qingde's direct family is fully involved in the removal! ? The "main war faction" of the southern green camp gathered...even Chen Qimai came on stage to choke Fu Kunqi! Is Xu Qiaoxin the DPP’s “perfect target”? Lai Ching-de planned the "Counter-offensive Trilogy" to take advantage of the situation and fight all the way to the 2026 election! ? Lian Sheng's article shouted: Be an upright Chinese! ? The "removal war" is facing a catastrophe...The blue camp has come to the Strait Forum platform! ? The latest poll shows that 82% of the people are proud of Taiwanese people! ? The whole people loves Huang Renxun...the Kuomintang is in trouble too! ?


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