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Title:Deficient Emotional Self-Regulation: The Overlooked ADHD Symptom That Impacts Everything (Barkley)

DESR, or deficient emotional self-regulation, is a core facet of ADHD that carries significant consequences. However, it is not included the disorder’s diagnostic criteria. As new research confirms the prominent role emotional dysregulation plays in ADHD’s appearance and individual patient outcomes , that may be changing. In this hour-long webinar from ADDitude (, learn about DESR, its central role in ADHD, along with implications for diagnosis and treatment. Download the slides associated with this webinar here: 04:23 What Is an Emotion 06:38 What is Emotional Self Regulation? 08:37 If Emotional Self-Regulation Is Deficient in ADHD, What Would We Expect? 12:00 Why is emotional impulsiveness (ei) and deficient emotional self regulation (DESR) an important component in ADHD? 13:46 History of ADHD: EI/DESR has been included in concepts of ADHD for 170 Years 16:30 EI/DESR Would be expected from the neuro-anatomy of ADHD 16:46 Neural Circuitry of Emotion and ADHD 18:38 EI/DESR is Included in the Current Neuropsychological Theories of ADHD 20:10 Executive Networks 20:34 EI/DESR Is Evident in Psychological Research on ADHD 20:40 Emotional Self-Regulation Is a Major Dimension of EF in Daily Life Activities 21:26 Psychological Research on Emotion in ADHD 24:53 EI/DESR explains the linkage of ADHD to high risk for ODD 28:33 EI/DESR Predicts Impairment in Major Life Activities Beyond What Is Predicted From Traditional ADHD Symptoms 29:35 Diagnostic Implications 31:53 Treatment Implications 36:58 Self-Regulation Strategies to Modify the Emotional Response 40:16 Conclusions Related Resources: 1. Read: DESR: Why Deficient Emotional Self-Regulation is Central to ADHD (and Largely Overlooked) 2. Read: DESR: “Does ADHD Emotional Dysregulation Ever Fade?” 3. Download: Rein In Intense ADHD Emotions 4. eBook: "Secrets of the ADHD Brain" Subscribe to the ADDitude YouTube Channel: Follow ADDitude on Facebook: Follow ADDitude on Instagram: Follow ADDitude on Twitter:


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