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Title:Aji Saka Asal Usul Aksara Jawa | Cerita Rakyat | Kisah Nusantara

The origin of the formation of the Javanese script is inseparable from the tale of a traveler named Aji Saka. The story of the beginning of the Javanese script begins with a traveler named Aji Saka who is followed by his two servants, Dora and Sembada. Aji Saka comes from a country in the middle of nowhere called Bumi Majethi. However, there are also those who say that Aji Saka is a descendant of the Shaka tribe from India. Aji Saka wanted to go wandering away from Majethi. He also appointed Dora to accompany him, while Sembada was assigned to live in Majethi and look after his flagship heritage which was said to be a keris. Before traveling, Aji Saka advised Sembada not to hand over the heirloom to anyone except Aji Saka himself. Sembada complied with the message. Support the Story of the Archipelago by donating at saweria , thank you. for those of you who ask about our social media... don't forget to follow Instagram : Facebook : Tiktok : Nusantara Story Playlist: #gromorestudio #storyarchipelago #ajisaka the legend of aji saka, ajisaka, the origins of the Javanese script, the Javanese script, the story of aji saka, the origin of the Javanese script, the folklore of aji saka, the legend of ajisaka, the ajisaka Javanese script, the island of Java, the origins of the aji saka Javanese script, the story of the ajisaka archipelago, ajisaka animation, animated ajisaka stories, Javanese script stories, folklore, tales of aji saka, the origin of the name of the Javanese script, stories of ajisaka stories, ajisaka folklore, aji saka the origins of the Javanese script, ajisaka animated stories, ancient Javanese script archipelago story folklore animation fairytale legend origin mountain story archipelago story archipelago folklore Indonesian folklore fairy tale archipelago legend legend story cartoon archipelago story archipelago fairy tales fairy tale cartoon cartoon storyline archipelago Javanese story gromore studio legend story Javanese legend the story of the land of Java origin animation archipelago story animation fairy tale animation folklore animation culture


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