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Title:8 Fast Speech Contractions in Australian English (Part 1) | Advanced Spoken English Lesson

#australianaccent #englishlessons #englishvocabulary Access the FULL episode + transcript + interactive player when you sign up for the Aussie English Premium Podcast here: Join my 5-Day FREE English Course: Listen to this episode and download the FREE audio worksheet here: Learn Australian English by listening to this episode where I teach you about contraction in the English language. One key to sound like a native speaker is to learn how to contract the words in a sentence by connecting the sounds. In this episode, you will learn how to say these English greetings like an Aussie: 1. G'day 2. What's going on 3. What's up 4. How are you going? 5. How’s it going? 6. Catch you later! 7. See you later! 8. See you later on! Improve your listening skills today - listen, play & pause this episode - and start speaking like a native English speaker! If you're someone learning Australian English as a second language and you want to improve your pronunciation, reduce your foreign accent and sound more like an Australian when you speak English, check out my content at Aussie English - And grab my Australian Pronunciation Course here - Enjoy! | SUBSCRIBE TO AE | | FOLLOW AE | - Facebook - - Instagram - - Website - - Twitter - | ENGLISH COURSES | - Australian English Pronunciation - - Phrasal Verbs - - Spoken English - | AE ACADEMY | - Join here - | AE PODCAST | - Free Podcast - - Premium Podcast - *** Music from Artlist - License Number 524222 ***


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