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Title:Back to basics: OData - the Open Data Protocol - Part 1 - Introduction

This is the first episode of a new series where we explore fundamental building blocks together. We're looking at OData. Everyone welcome, especially beginners! Head over to our discussion thread on OData here Topics: OData, REST, HTTP, GraphQL, Northwind, RAP, CAP, CDS, XML, ATOM, RSS, OASIS, curl, fx Links: Sample OData services OData with CAP Take a Deep Dive into OData mission Sample OData service and UI5 app 2-minutes-of API Basics playlist Monday morning thoughts: OData OData Specs analysis Blog feed at XML Tree extension for Chrome Chapters: 00:00 Welcome and introduction 08:20 Sharing the repo 11:20 Some conversation on REST vs GraphQL and also gRPC 14:50 More conversation on ABAP, RAP, CAP and CDS 17:10 Even more conversation on REST vs SOAP 23:40 Plenty of resources for newcomers to ABAP and RAP 24:55 Talking about REST APIs vs OData 28:00 Setting up the repo and OData service in VS Code 29:55 Thinking about the origins of OData 34:00 Looking at a the OData service definition in the repo 35:43 Viewing some sample OData services including Northwind 36:22 Completely random digression on the names Acme and Zenith 37:57 Consuming resources and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) 38:55 Is it possible to get OData metadata in JSON? 40:15 Staring for a bit at the OData service document 41:10 Understanding the history & structure of OData standards documents 46:50 The two well-known resources in any OData service 47:25 Comparing OData V2 with its Atom origins (Feed and Entry elements) 50:00 Looking at the XML based metadata (with the XML Tree extension), with EntityTypes and EntitySets ("collections"), Properties and Navigation Properties 56:40 Considering the XML representation of an OData V2 resource (an EntitySet) 58:02 Using the $format System Query Option to request JSON 59:00 Looking at HTTP content negotiation (with the Accept and Content-Type headers) 1:00:40 Using content negotiation to request a JSON representation of the resource


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