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Title:THE ROAD NOT TAKEN by Robert Frost (Powerful Poetry)

A message from BlueMoon Inspiration Thanks for coming to this new channel. The aim is to bring each poetic word to life for you, through unique and original content creation. For the best listening experience, it is recommended to use ear/headphones. We sincerely hope that these videos give you the inspiration and motivation to be the best version of yourself. "The Road Not Taken" was first published in the August 1915 issue of the Atlantic Monthly, and later published as the first poem in the 1916 poetry collection; Mountain Interval. The meaning of this poem has been debated for over a 100 years. While each poem has its intended explanation i.e., the one the author was trying to convey, a poem can also have its own interpretation to the reader. In this case, for me it means, both roads looked the same originally, it was only in hindsight that "he" realised, he took the harder road, and because it was the harder road, this made all the difference. Acknowledgements Each video requires a substantial team effort to make. We would like to thank our voice over actor, Shane Morris, who tirelessly strives to deliver these words in a manner like no other. A special thanks to our graphic design artist, Cristina Santana for all her effort and helping bring the scene to life. Copyright Both the graphics and voiceover in this video are original pieces of work, and the poem is in the public domain. The music you hear is from Scott Buckley and can be found here: 'The Things That Keep Us Here' by Scott Buckley - released under CC-BY 4.0. #theroadnottaken #powerfulvideo #englishpoems


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