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Title:The Untold Story Of Bin Laden In Pakistan Ft. Shahzaib Wahlah EP182

Join us for an exploration into the untold story of Osama Bin Laden's presence in Pakistan, featuring renowned journalist Mr. Shahzaib Wahlah. In this special episode, we delve into the intriguing story of Bin Laden's journey, from the Tora Bora war to his eventual capture by American helicopters in Abbottabad. With insights into Al Jazeera's claims, Pakistan's alleged covert aid to America, and the Abbottabad commission's revelations, we unravel the complexities surrounding Bin Laden's presence. From conspiracy theories to Dr. Shakeel Afridi's involvement and the DNA evidence, we dissect every aspect of this compelling narrative. Don't miss this insightful discussion on Bin Laden's legacy, his connections with Mullah Omar and ISI, and the intelligence lapses leading up to 9/11. Tune in to uncover the true story of Bin Laden's presence in Pakistan. #history #pakistan #howdoesitwork 00:00 Highlights 01:15 Bin Laden's story unfolds 02:30 Tora Bora war: Bin Laden's journey to Abbottabad 03:57 Did Pakistan army know about Bin Laden's presence? 08:32 A journalist claims Pakistan aided America covertly 14:00 Abbottabad commission's findings on defense failure 18:00 Conspiracy theories: Was Bin Laden's presence fabricated? 20:00 Bounty on Bin Laden: Colonel Saeed Iqbal's alleged CIA ties 23:44 Dr. Shakeel Afridi's involvement 25:30 DNA evidence from hepatitis campaign 26:30 Bin Laden's protectors: The two brothers 28:48 Bin Laden's death: Evaluating the Gallop report 30:30 Understanding Bin Laden's evolution 32:05 Bin Laden's rumored passion for Arsenal 34:00 Origins of Al Qaeda 37:00 Bin Laden's connections with Mullah Omar and ISI 45:00 Differentiating between Taliban and Al Qaeda 47:30 Bin Laden's interview with Hamid Mir 51:00 America's intelligence lapse: The aftermath of 9/11 Don’t forget to subscribe and press the bell icon to catch on to some amazing conversations coming your way every week! Keep up with our podcast: Facebook: Insta: Tiktok: Follow Shayan Mahmud: INSTA: FB: Linkedin: Follow ProPakistani: Facebook: Insta: Twitter: LinkedIn: You can also audio stream our podcast here: Google Podcast: Apple Podcast: Spotify:


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