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Title:Stay in My Heart | New Turkish Drama | Episode 4 (English Subtitles) | DAYAN YUREGIM | Berk Atan

lvan (Ece Uslu) is a fellow who works in one of Istanbul's poor neighborhoods, trying to live with two children and her husband Tahir (Bülent Alkış). She works as a health officer in the neighborhood policlinic and also helps her husband, who is a marketer. The unsub husband, applies violence to Elvan. One day, Elvan's son, Selim (Brad Berke Bayrak), who is very fond of the city, experiences a traffic accident while playing ball in the neighborhood. Elvan and her daughter Seray (Nilay Deniz), worrying about Selim, 'Will she live, will she live? Will life be healthy as well? ", Her husband realizes that Tahir is cooperating with the Şanal family who made the accident. One of the wealthiest families in Turkey, Şanallar's son Atif is on the wheel of the car that made the accident, but another carries a crime. Elvan finds her husband's much money in his pocket and asks for an account ... Now everyone's life will change and this account will never close ... Fuat (Cansel Elçin), the experienced, idealist Lawyer who devoted himself to social action, has a whole host of other problems. Unhappy with his wife Aysun (Bengi Öztürk), his daughters deeply affect Nazlı (Miray Akay). While struggling with familial problems, he works hard to be with the righteous on the other hand. Fuat, who first met Elvan with life support with Elvan's support, will now give the greatest support for Elvan to survive and survive. TV Seires Cast- Cansel Elçin as Avukat Fuat Ece Uslu as Elvan Nilay Deniz as Seray Berk Atan as Atıf Şanal Ege Aydan as Ekrem Şanal Didem İnselel asTuncer Salman as Remzi Bengi Öztürk as Aysun Serap Matyaş as Asiye Brad Berke Bayrak as Selim Meriç Şenlikoğlu as Senem Mehmet Aslan as Avukat Yaman Bora Akkaş as Rıfat Elif Sönmez as Meral Özlem Maden as Gülsüm Aydan Koptur Ferit Kaya as Cengiz Korel Cezayirli Bülent Alkış as Tahir Miray Akay as Nazlı #DayanYuregim #StayInMyHeart #turkishdrama #BerkAtan #turkishdramawithenglishsubtitles #newturkishdrama #LoveSeries #RomanticComedy


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