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Title:SNAKE ESCAPE in Exotic Zoo!! Adley & Niko feed baby turtles! rare animal transfer for vet check up

we fed a HUGE LiZARD 🦎 LET'S BE FRIENDS -- HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we are somewhere SUPER special! We've been spending the last few days at Disneyland on a family vacation but on our last day in California our legs were really tired from walking so much, so we decided to go to a different place where we wouldn't have to walk so much. The place is called The Reptile Zoo and we had heard about it on YouTube and TikTok and wanted to check it out! We didn't really know what to expect but we were excited to see what it was all about! The first thing we saw when we got there was a pool full of little turtles, they were super cute and they really liked Niko! Me, Dad, and Niko walked around to look at some animals while Mom was getting us tickets to get inside. They had so many different types of animals there like, snakes, lizards, monitors, and even Alligators/Crocodiles! When we got inside there was even more animals to see! Geckos, Chameleons, and Black Dragons!! Then our tour guide Jay wanted to show us some of their REALLY rare animals. The first one he brought out was a 2 headed snake.. seriously.. a snake with 2 HEADS! Lots of people think it's just 1 snake but it really is 2 snakes with different personalities, and we even got to touch them! After that he showed us how some of his Alligators could do some tricks but there was NO WAY I would touch the Alligators! After that we got to feed some of the animals! First we got to feed the turtles in their little swimming pool. It was pretty gross because the turtles eat WORMS! While I was feeding one of the turtles a fish swam up and stole the worm from him! After that we fed some tortoises lettuce, which is way less disgusting than worms! They were really big, even though Jay said they are still babies and they'll get even bigger! Then Jay told us that he had 2 more animals to show us, the first one was a HUGE YELLOW ANACONDA!! It was 18 feet long which is longer than a car! At first we were all kind of scared but then we were brave and decided to pet it, Niko and Navey loved the snake! The next animal is called a Monitor, it's kind of like a giant lizard, and it's name is Pirate! Jay had an entire chicken leg for it to eat, and he made it run around the entire zoo to get it! It even jumped into the turtle pool and swam around! Then he asked if we wanted to feed it so Me, Niko, and Navey all got a chance to give Pirate some chicken! We had SO much fun here, thank you Jay and The Reptile Zoo for letting us film such a fun video! my last video - RAiNBOW GHOSTS in the New Barbie DreamHouse!? Surprise Party for Adley and Barbies New Music Video! my dad's last video - LOOKiNG for HiDDEN MiCKEYS!! Finding Disney Secrets! Family Disneyland Day with Adley Niko & Navey! A for Adley Shorts - Best Day Ever Shorts - G for Gaming - Spacestation Animation - Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


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