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Title:Eric Beaumont & Maxine Carlson || Running up that Hill

For some reason, once I exported this one, it was FILLED with glitches. Like two for every 10 seconds. I managed to fix most of them, but I'm still not happy. Also, I think the beginning is crap. I don't know if I just got exhausted after working on it for hours, all I know is that I couldn't get it right so I gave up. And I hate it. I didn't know it would be so hard to work with that dialogue/scene but weeeell... ...God, I miss her. So. Damn. Much. It's so sad. All that chemistry, wasted. *Sigh* I was so unhappy because of what happened, that this was going to be my farewell to this pairing. But as I made this video I realized just how much I LOVE them. So even if I'm upset over Maxine leaving the show (we all are), I won't give up on these babies. What happens is that I already used all the songs that inspire me for them. For now. But I'm sure I'll find other ones soon enough (feel free to leave suggestions!) So yep, there will be more of them ;) I hope my fellow "shippers" will enjoy this one. Even if it's so frickin' sad, and I was kinda frustrated with the final result, it's still my biggest video on them. I think this song is just PERFECT for these two, and of course, I couldn't help but throw a little bit of Jessica in the mix. To me, the lyrics just seem to speak about them on so many levels. How Eric is always making deals. But he can't do that with God, and if he could, he'd swap places with Jessica. It just sounds like something he would do. That's why I'd been wanting to use this song for them since January. But I was waiting to get some season 2 footage. I'm so glad I did. That's all. And who knows? Maybe our girl will return home one day. We can dream :-p


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