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Title:Travel in Thailand ? SIMPLE and USEFUL Phrases to help you survive!!

Not all Thais can speak English!! Let us teach you a simple Words & Phrases to Travel Thailand, You can learn to speak Thai to help you survive in deadly situation :0) and have a better experience in Thailand. We trying to make it simple, easy and useful as possible. Consider it as your new language skill to your resume!!! Join me in "Thai Language for Travelers - The Basics" Our first VDO to teach you basic THAI FOR TRAVELERS. Let me know how you like it in the comment below. SCAM in Thailand is here: ►►SUBSCRIBE and see 3 new videos per week: JOIN a community to ask question and recommendations for Thailand. My name is CHON. Born and raised in Thailand, traveled to more than 70 cities 40 countries around the world. Been showing my country to my friends from around the world , so I decide to make this channel. Think of me as your new Thai friend, who will provides you tips and recommendation about travel to Thailand. Good food, good place and good hotel. Hope it helps. Nice to meet you. CHON, your new friends from Thailand #learnthai #thaiforforeigners #basicthai #thaiphrase #thailanguage 00:00 basic Thai for tourist 00:50 gender in Thai language 01:10 Hello in Thai 01:23 how to wai 02:37 how are you in Thai 03:00 how to say thank you in Thai 03:15 how to say sorry in Thai 03:33 mai pen rai 04:35 mai khao jai 05:04 i can't speak thai


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