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Title:Stiles & Hope - Lover Of Mine

Crossover: Legacies x Teen Wolf Song: Lover Of Mine by 5sos Plot: It all starts from the end, Hope talks to Alaric and she reveals that she has turned off her humanity for the pain of mourning. But why? What happened? Let's go back to the beginning. Hope and Stiles have known each other forever and are in love, the kind of love that can do anything. He is human, she is the only tribid in existence, so she continually puts herself in danger by frightening him. Their relationship falters due to the constant monsters that arrive and he feels intuitive, not a hero. Among all those monsters comes a very ancient and powerful one, which takes over Stiles' body and mind. Initially he gives him many nightmares, for this reason his friends make him visit but in doing so the monster takes over, taking him completely. Stiles is imprisoned in the same mind as him and Hope is the only one who can defeat Void Stiles, even though she breaks her heart. They fight and she finally manages to capture him, and then enters her psyche. Hope finds her Stiles of hers and also her monster in her likeness, he asks her to kill him or the world will end. When she returns to reality she fights Void Stiles and after a goodbye kiss kills him. This is how Hope loses her humanity. THE STORY WILL CONTINUE ...


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