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Title:The Complete Travels of the Ringwraiths (Nazgûl) | Tolkien Explained

The Nazgûl are the greatest of Sauron's servants. Today, we track their lives and travels from their time as mortal men to their downfall with their master. Their actions before and during the War of the Ring affect many in Middle-earth. Everywhere they go, they strike fear and dread into the hearts of mortals. Hit subscribe - and the bell - so you never miss a video from Nerd of the Rings! Nerd of the Rings on PATREON: -------------- All content falls under fair use: any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. The Witch King - Alan Lee Servant of Death - Amir Salehi The Nazgul Attack - Anke Eißmann Nazgul at Bree - Arnaud Sohyer Budow Eowyn and the Nazgul - David Demaret Eowyn and the Lord of the Nazgul - Donato Giancola The Nazgul - Kenneth Sofia Nine - Kimberly80 Nazgul - Margaux Valonia Eowyn and the Nazgul - Matt Stewart The Horn of Boromir - Matt Stewart Minas Morgul - Matthew Burton The Black Captain - Melissa Hitchcock Nazgul - Nick Deligaris The Witch King of Angmar - Rob Alexander The Wizard's River Horses - Rob Alexander Sauron Defeated - Roger Garland The Keeper of the Nine - Steamey Gaffer and the Black Rider - Stephen Hickman A Sudden Call to Mount Doom - Ted Nasmith Nazgul at the Walls - Ted Nasmith Thus Came Aragorn - Ted Nasmith Eowyn vs the Nazgul - Adam Schumpert The Witch King - Alejandro Arevalo Minas Tirith Besieged - Alvaro C Escudero Witch King of Angmar - Alvaro Fernandez Gonzalez The Witch King - Anato Finnstark The Nine - Anato Finnstark Witch King on Fell Beast - Anato Finnstark Weathertop - Anato Finnstark Eowyn vs the Witch King - Anato Finnstark The Eagles attack the Nazgul - Anato Finnstark The Witch King with Fell Beast - Andrea Guardino Nazgul - Andrea Guardino Minas Ithil - Anthony Lampa I am no man - Diego Cunha Sniffing - Diego Gisbert Llorens The Nine Chase - Fabio Leone ( Nazgul - Gabriel Gomez Witch King - Gavin Wynford Minas Ithil Destruction - George Rushing Nazgul - Kenny Gonzalo Nazgul - Inessa Khanenko Frodo and the Witch King - James Owen Mist Over the Barrow Downs - Jan Rozanski Nazgul - Juha Keranen And in the darkness bind them - Luma Barbizam Nazgul - Ochi Zla Khamul the Easterling - Sam Lamont Shortcut to Mushrooms - Vincent Tanguay Minas Ithil & Minas Morgul - Wardenlight Studio Athelas - Anke Eißmann Black Riders in Bree - Kathryn Szarko Black Breath - Gandzel Art The Angmar King - Fabio Leone ( Aragorn attacks the Nazgul - Angus McBride Gandalf and the Witch King - Angus McBride Grima Wormtongue - Harold Shull Healing Faramir - Anke Eißmann The Fellowship - JB Casacop The Shire - Liam Tart Mumakil - Gellihana Art Murder at the Prancing Pony - Dimitry Prosvirnin Wraith World - Paul Lasaine Pippin Looks in the Palantir - Peter Xavier Price Tar-Mairon - Sauron in Numenor - Efelidi The Nazgul - Istrandar The Witch King - Meli Hitchcock All music is licensed through Artlist #ringwraiths #tolkien #nazgul


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