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Title:Sourate/Coran Ta-Ha (سورة طه) - Magnifique Récitation relaxante qui apaise le cœur

Sura/Qur'an Taha Magnificent relaxing recitation that soothes the heart to listen to the day or before sleeping 📌 The name of this sura comes from the very first word: Tâ Ha. This denomination like those of many other suras remains purely symbolic as if to say that this Qur'an is in Arabic language; so that prevents you from presenting us with such a Koran?! But this Koran is incomparable! This sura was revealed at the same time as sura 'MARY' (Maryem), probably during or just after the emigration of some Muslims to Abyssinia. In any case, there is no doubt that the revelation of this sura preceded the conversion of 'Umar Ibn Al-Khattâb to drive to the prophet (May Allâh tighten the bond that unites him with Him and greets him) to assassinate him, 'Umar met a companion who, to divert him from his path, said to him: "You should first of all learn that your own sister and her husband have embraced Islam". To these words, 'Umar went directly to his sister, Fatima Bint Al-Khattâb whom he surprised, as did his brother-in-law, Sa'îd Ibn Zayd (for the anecdote, he is one of the 10 companions (al-mubacharûn bil-jannah) to whom paradise was promised during their lifetime) in the middle of reading a parchment containing verses and belonging to Khabbâb Ibn Art.


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