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Title:Measure PHP Code Quality With Static Analysis Using PHPStan

Measure PHP Code Quality With Static Analysis Using PHPStan to check coding standards. (see shortcuts below to key points) Adam Culp of Beachcasts php programming videos shows how to get clean code with PHPStan for static code analysis for code quality. Please * LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE * - and share with others! Key Topics: - What is static analysis and sniffing for code smells - Using PHPStan for static code analysis - Setting up PHPStan run level, and outputting results to a file Support the channel with this Cloudways affiliate link: and use the discount code BEACHCASTS to get a free month of hosting. For a nice list of equipment I use in my studio, and to support the channel if you make any purchases (doesn't cost you a thing), visit my kit at Errata: Let me know if you notice anything that should be errata Associated Links: Timeline: 00:00 Video start 02:18 Introduction to the video sponsor Cloudways 03:00 Introduction to PHPStan for static code analysis 04:05 The Composer command to include PHPStan in a project 05:28 How to launch PHPStan to analyze code 06:47 Example output from PHPStan 07:45 Change the run level for PHPStan to analyze code 08:25 How to output results from PHPStan to a file 09:00 Instruct PHPStan to format output in various formats 10:49 Bonus: Running PHPStan using the php-code-quality Docker image Other Beachcasts videos you might find interesting: True Cost of Software Errors Define Technical Debt Conference Talk Preparation In 8 Steps for Programmers How to understand code written by someone else Ways to advance your programming skills and improve as a developer Make your local DEV environment available on the internet AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) Tutorial How-To Laravel Model Factory Tutorial using Artisan make:model Authentication in Laravel Tutorial Top 5 skills to be a better software developer Install Laravel in Docker container on Ubuntu for beginners Getters and Setters accessors in object-oriented programming Critical programming issues preventing a PHP 7 upgrade Behat for beginners functional REST API testing tutorial Doctrine ORM one-to-many bi-directional association PHP Mess Detector static analysis to find PHP code smells Doctrine ORM one-to-many self-referencing association 10 reasons to become a consultant in a consulting business Zend Framework becomes Laminas project at Linux Foundation 10 bad things about consulting How to get lines of code in PHP Make a List handler middleware Make a Delete handler middleware Make an Update handler middleware Use UUID with Doctrine ORM for DB keys Make a Create handler middleware Automate Hypermedia creation for PHP REST API Learn about Hypermedia and how to create it Doctrine ORM Paginator for PHP REST API Doctrine ORM Entity how to Configure Doctrine ORM Create PHP middleware with Zend Expressive Configure PhpStorm for PHP development with Docker Create PHP development environment with docker Help through referrals: I use TubeBuddy to help me manage my YouTube channel. If you're interested, click the following link to check it out. #php #phpstan #beachcasts


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