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Title:SEO Keywords, Intent and Your Sitemap: The Simple SEO Breakdown

Every keyphrase is a competition. Every page is a competitor. That’s the fundamental way to understand search. And keyphrases align with intent! Welcome to an inside look at Content Jam, Orbit Media’s annual content marketing conference. This little clip is taken from Andy’s presentation on SEO and B2B Lead Generation. Here he breaks down SEO to it’s most basic level: keywords, intent and URLs. This surprisingly simple explanation covers something that so many websites miss. And it answers some very important questions in SEO and B2B lead generation: 0:10 What are the three types of intent? 0:36 How does visitor intent affect website conversions? 1:03 Which types of pages should we focus on first? 1:55 How do keywords map to pages on a website’s sitemap? 3:55 What do junior SEOs (and cranky executives) miss about search? If you’re new to SEO… this quick video and you’ll strengthen the foundation of your search optimization skills. If you’re a long-time SEO veteran… this video gives you simple new ways to explain search to bosses and clients. And everyone with a website should have a basic understanding of the types of keyphrases, types of intent and types of pages. Without that, you may not prioritize your digital marketing activities. You may be wasting a lot of your time. You can get the full post with the detailed explanation (and a nice infographic) here on the Orbit blog... #SEO #keywordresearch #US


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