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Title:The REAL reason Engineers get Laid Off

Have you ever been laid off or worried about job security? In this insightful video, join me as I share their personal journey of being laid off three times and dodging ten layoffs throughout their career. In the wake of their recent job loss, I received a surprising comment suggesting that getting laid off was their fault. But instead of dismissing it, they explore the idea that controlling one's employment destiny is an empowering concept. Through candid reflection and valuable insights, [Your Name] presents five crucial lessons learned from their experiences. Lesson 1 emphasizes the importance of consistently delivering your best work. Lesson 2 delves into the significance of interpersonal dynamics and teamwork, even in challenging environments. Lesson 3 underscores the necessity of understanding how your role contributes to the company's bottom line and positioning yourself as an indispensable asset. Lesson 4 highlights the criticality of mastering performance evaluations to safeguard your position. Lesson 5 reveals the power of aligning your efforts with the company's profitability, showcasing real-life examples of impactful contributions. By the end of this video, you'll gain practical strategies to fortify your career against layoffs and enhance your professional value. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, these lessons offer actionable advice to navigate the volatile landscape of today's job market. Join the conversation by sharing your own layoff stories and insights in the comments below. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for more invaluable career advice. Thank you for watching, and remember, your career trajectory is within your control. See you in the next video! --------- I've been a software engineer since 2008 and with over a decade of experience, the industry is as crazy and as varied as ever. I continually get asked for career advice and how to navigate writing code for a living and I wanted to share everything I've learned in hopes that I can help someone who is just starting in software engineering, who has been in it for a while and is too afraid to ask, or the seasoned vet to either agree or argue with me. The intent of this channel is to have multiple series that include the following topics: 💰 Compensation 📈 Negotiations 📚 Career advice and guidance 📈 Stocks, RSUs, Stock options, and ESPP plans 👨‍🏫 Engineering interviews I've done just about everything in software from working for 3 person start ups, 300 person start ups, silicon valley companies, Fortune 500 companies, small teams, big teams, W2 employment and 1099 contracting, full time contracting and moonlight part time work, independent development, launching my own web apps and iphone app.


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