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Title:"Jinnaat ke sath 20 Din kaise Guzray"| Shahid Nazir Ch | Farrukh Warraich

In this podcast episode, Shahid Nazir Chaudhry, the Multi Media Head of Urdu Point, unfolds the chapters of his life's narrative. Join us as he shares his life, the ups, and the downs. Time Stamps: 00:00:00 - Promo 00:00:51 - Introduction 00:02:06 - How many days did you spend with the jinn 00:04:31 - Meeting with jinn and why he write a book on jinn 00:15:35 - Incident of jinn in house 00:23:38 - Jinn gave news of someone's death that no one knew about this 00:26:34 - What do jinn eat for fun? 00:28:35 - How did breakup happen with the jinn? 00:30:27 - What is the difference between 'amal' and 'amil'? 00:32:05 - Who is the biggest practitioner of black magic in Pakistan? 00:39:02 - Does good and bad exist in jinn? 00:45:58 - What was your last meeting with jinn? 00:55:33 - How do jinn appear? 00:57:11 - Are jinn present everywhere? 01:00:44 - Can someone is protected from jinn? 01:02:39 - Incident in Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Chilla Gah 01:10:27 - Conversation with Jinn 01:11:55 - Does the jinn have a religion? 01:15:46 - Meeting with Old Man in Pakpattan 01:28:07 - Ending ► Host: Farrukh Warraich ► Guest: Shahid Nazir Chaudhry Do not forget to subscribe and press the bell icon to catch on to some amazing conversations coming your way! Connect with us: Chiltan Pure . Buy Now Chiltan Pure Products 👇 👇 👇 📷 . Meezab Air . 👇 👇 . #farrukhwarraich #podcast #farrukhwarraichshow #shahidnazirchaudhrypodcastwithfarrukhwarraich #shahidnazirchaudhry #shahidnazirpodcast


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