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Title:Ranking EVERY Peashooter EVER

Plants vs. Zombies would be a lot different without the Peashooter. But what if it was ONLY Peashooters? Well, that's what we're here to find out as I hunt down and rank EVERY Peashooter EVER. There's a lot of PvZ games and a lot of Peashooters, and unless you're a Peashooter Professor I doubt you've seen them all. Join me in discovering all of the insane versions we've gotten over the years, and hopefully your favorite gets put in a good spot! There's a 99.99999999% chance I missed some so please let me know which ones I've missed! I've already been informed of this anime girl one that I am kicking myself for not getting to include. Are there other characters/series I should do this for? Make this exact tier list yourself! Join my Discord! Become a channel member! Exclusive shout-outs, badges, and emojis! Timeline 0:00 Intro 0:58 EVERY Peashooter Plants vs. Zombies 1 1:44 Peashooter (PvZ1) 2:27 Snow Pea (PvZ1) 2:57 Repeater (PvZ1) 3:16 Threepeater (PvZ1) 4:01 Split Pea (PvZ1) 4:34 Gatling Pea (PvZ1) 4:58 Reverse Repeater (PvZ1) 5:26 Peashooter Zombies (PvZ1) 6:01 Wukong Pea (PvZ: JttW) 6:48 Nezha Shooter (PvZ: JttW) 7:01 Peashooters (PvZ DS) Plants vs. Zombies 2 7:54 Peashooter (PvZ2) 8:36 Repeater (PvZ2) 8:59 Snow Pea (PvZ2) 9:25 Threepeater (PvZ2) 9:51 Split Pea (PvZ2) 10:17 Pea Pod (PvZ2) 10:56 Pea-nut (PvZ2) 11:22 Fire Peashooter (PvZ2) 12:09 Primal Peashooter (PvZ2) 12:39 Electric Peashooter (PvZ2) 13:11 Shadow Peashooter (PvZ2) 13:52 Goo Peashooter (PvZ2) 14:14 Sling Pea (PvZ2) 14:45 Snap Pea (PvZ2) 15:21 Pea Vine (PvZ2) 15:59 Mega Gatling Pea (PvZ2) 16:34 Gatling Pea (PvZ2 China) 17:08 Horsebean 17:43 Pea Line (PvZ: AS) 18:05 Ice Line (PvZ: AS) 18:41 Twopeater (PvZ: MP) 19:13 Bit Peashooter (PvZ2 China) 19:45 More Top-Down Peashooters (PvZ: MP) 20:18 Fourpeater (PvZ: Match) Merch & Other Media 20:41 Peashooter Crossovers 21:13 Peashooter Costume 21:50 Peashooter Funko Pop 22:04 Peashooter Plushies 22:27 Peashooter K'Nex 22:47 Peashooter Gun 22:57 Peashooter Slippers Plants vs. Zombies Adventures 23:09 Peashooter (PvZ: Adventures) 23:45 Snow Pea (PvZ: Adventures) 23:55 Flaming Pea (PvZ: Adventures) 24:15 Repeater (PvZ: Adventures) 24:25 Sweet Pea (PvZ: Adventures) 24:45 Beeshooter (PvZ: Adventures) 25:07 Ice Queen Pea (PvZ: Adventures) Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare & Battle for Neighborville 25:38 Peashooter (PvZ: GW) 26:35 Fire Pea (PvZ: GW) 26:49 Ice Pea (PvZ: GW) 27:06 Toxic Pea (PvZ: GW) 27:24 Commando Pea (PvZ: GW) 27:45 Agent Pea (PvZ: GW) 28:23 Law Pea (PvZ: GW) 28:44 Berry Shooter (PvZ: GW) 29:13 Plasma Pea (PvZ: GW) 29:35 Rock Pea (PvZ: GW2) 29:53 Electro Pea (PvZ: GW2) 30:03 Peawitched (PvZ: GW2) 30:30 Elf Pea (PvZ: GW2) 30:39 Peashooter (PvZ: BfN) 31:06 Amber Gemma (PvZ: BfN) 31:23 Flotsamuel (PvZ: BfN) 31:38 Tumbleweed Ted (PvZ: BfN) Plants vs. Zombies Heroes 31:48 Green Shadow (PvZ Heroes) 32:30 Peashooter (PvZ Heroes) 33:01 Snow Pea (PvZ Heroes) 33:12 Repeater (PvZ Heroes) 33:30 Threepeater (PvZ Heroes) 33:51 Split Pea (PvZ Heroes) 34:11 Gatling Pea (PvZ Heroes) 34:32 Pea Pod (PvZ Heroes) 34:49 Pea-nut (PvZ Heroes) 35:25 Fire Peashooter (PvZ Heroes) 35:38 Primal Peashooter (PvZ Heroes) 35:51 Sweet Pea (PvZ Heroes) 36:13 Three-Nut (PvZ Heroes) 36:37 Cosmic Pea (PvZ Heroes) 36:59 The Podfather (PvZ Heroes) 37:24 Skyshooter (PvZ Heroes) Plants vs. Zombies 3 & Welcome to Zomburbia 37:41 Peashooter (PvZ3) 38:10 Snow Pea & Fire Peashooter (PvZ3) 38:25 Peashooter (PvZ3: WtZ) 38:58 Snow Pea (PvZ3: WtZ) 39:11 Threepeater (PvZ3: WtZ) 39:25 Baby Peashooter (PvZ3: WtZ) ??? 39:41 Peabob Squareshooter 40:43 Final Rankings


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