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Title:Scientist REVEALS Shocking Sugar Research That Changes EVERYTHING (Hacks That HEAL!) Glucose Goddess

šŸ”” Subscribe for more great content: ā–¶ļø Recommended for you: Jessie InchauspĆ©, aka the Glucose Goddess, is a French biochemist and New York Times bestselling author. She is on a mission to translate cutting-edge science into easy tips to help people improve their physical and mental health. - Get Jessie's book, "The Glucose Goddess Method: The 4-Week Guide to Cutting Cravings, Getting Your Energy Back, and Feeling Amazing": - Pre-order Jessie's Anti-Spike Formula: Listen to this episode on the go! šŸŽ Apple Podcasts: šŸŸ¢ Spotify: For more info about this episode, go to šŸ“™ get my NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING book "The Greatness Mindset" today! šŸ“¤ sign up for my FREE newsletter Follow Lewis! Instagram: Tiktok: Facebook: Twitter: šŸ’» Website: šŸ“² For more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960 Get More Greatness! Greatness Clips: Spanish: Portuguese: Lewis Howes Shorts: Chapters: 00:00:00 - Intro 00:03:24 - Sugar Addiction and Health 00:06:43 - Maximizing pleasure from sugar with less impact 00:10:05 - The Impact of Glucose Spikes on Aging 00:13:38 - Healthy Glucose Levels without Fasting 00:17:08 - The Benefits of Switching from Fads and Restricting 00:20:24 - The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar 00:23:46 - Decreasing Glucose Spike with Vinegar Dressing 00:27:05 - Tips for Managing Sugar Spikes 00:30:21 - Weight Loss and Alignment 00:33:51 - Connecting Mental Health and Food 00:37:09 - The Impact of Surgery on Mental Health 00:40:41 - The Impact of Diet on Mental Health 00:44:07 - Glucose Spikes and Relationships 00:47:28 - Mitochondria and Glucose Levels 00:50:50 - The Invention of Fruit 00:54:11 - The Effects of Smoothies on Fruit 00:57:23 - Cultural Differences in Food and Eating Habits 01:00:52 - The Physiological Effects of OIC 01:04:10 - Anti-Spike: A Supplement for Reducing Glucose Spikes 01:07:36 - Understanding Symptoms and Listening to Your Body 01:11:22 - Biohacking and Behavior Change 01:14:33 - The Glucose Goddess Method and Cutting Cravings 01:18:06 - Pursuing Your Passions #greatness #inspiration #motivation


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