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Title:Laughter & Medicine Unite - Fun Podcast with Kenny Sebastian | MedCom Special ft.@KennySebastian

Step into a world of laughter and learning on today's episode of 'Gut Feeling with Dr.Pal!'. Join the dynamic duo of Dr Pal and the hilarious Kenny Sebastian as they share important healthy eating, delve into why bad habits are so hard to shake, and explore everything from the Gut to the Butt :p Stay tuned until the end, as Kenny sings an improv song about circadian rhythm! #drpal #GutFeelingPodcast #KennySebastian Subscribe to my channel: @DrPal to never miss a notification! Subscribe to Kenny Sebastian - @KennySebastian Follow me on Instagram: Medical comedy (Medcom) shows: I love doing medical comedy (medcom) stand-up shows. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet you all in person and also to promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Upcoming Medcom Show Details! ❤️ Hurry, Seats Filling Up Rapidly! 💯 📍Toronto - 18th May 2024 For Collabs & Enquiries: Email: ----- Please donate to our non-profit Vanna Malargal Foundation, here are the details: For Collabs & Enquiries: Email: 00:00 Upcoming on the podcast! 01:19 Getting inspired by Kenny Sebastian 02:37 Kenny’s health struggle 06:45 Eating healthy with Kenny 07:26 Dr. Circadian Pal 09:57 People love Bad habits! 11:16 Dr Pal’s bad habits 12:52 Kenny’s Intermittent fasting 16:40 Old Dr Pal’s eating routine 18:07 Kenny’s routine 19:34 The healthiest Stand-up comedian! 22:59 The Social loss with eating healthy 25:06 Scam hunger! 26:58 Gut and Butt- Colonoscopy explained 29:17 The love of coconut oil 31:03 Being a Doctor is hard 32:15 Kenny’s favourite kind of stand-up 33:38 Importance of Meditation! 37:17 Indian sweet tooth 38:31 Healthy Parenting 41:54 Can Vegetables be stand-up comedians? 44:15 Fats are Important 45:10 Ruining Dosa! 47:25 Kenny's favourite foods 49:54 Dr Pal’s weakness 50:36 Kenny’s love for Instant Noodles 51:57 My Gut is a full scam! 53:00 Stand-up comedy is humbling 57:29 The Circadian Rhythm Song! 01:02:00 Outro


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