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Title:Introduction to SPSS Software for Beginners (Part 1)

This video tutorial is an introduction to SPSS software, especially for beginners who knows little or nothing about the SPSS Software. In this video, I concentrated on showing you how to enter data directly to the SPSS Data View workspace and how to use the file menu option to load in data saved in excel spreadsheet plus how to define the properties of the data variables. This video is an interesting one as it deals with the rudimentary knowledge of SPSS, including transitions and communication between the Data View window and Variable View window. Once you have learnt the content of this video, analyzing data using SPSS would become simpler for you. So, it is imperative that you see or watch this video to the end, as this is the first step in the use of SPSS for data analysis. SPSS is a statistical software for data analysis. It is an acronym which stands for “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences”. It was first packaged in 1968, but since it was acquired by IBM in 2009, it is no longer an acronym, but just a name. called “IBM®SPSS®Statistics”. However, regardless of the name change, the features and functions have remained unchanged. The most important variable properties in SPSS are "Name, Variable type, Label, Value label, and Measure" among others. In this video, all of these properties have been given detailed attentions and were described to the rudiments. Please, like this video and subscribe to my Channel by clicking on the red SUBSCRIBE button above just to keep this channel alive. SUBSCRIPTION IS FREE. The following videos may also interest you: i. How to Perform Pearson’s Correlation Analysis: ii. How to Calculate Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient by Hand, Interpret and Report Results in APA style: iii. How to Grid XYZ Data in Surfer: iv. How to download Bathymetry data from GEBCO: v. How to Extract Image from the Background of Picture as Transparent Image using Paint3D: In my next video, I shall be showing you how to analyze data using SPSS. Thanks for your SUBSCRIPTION and thanks for seeing my videos. Soundtrack Source: --------------------------------------------------- Loneliness by MAITTRE | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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