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Title:I Drove To The Worst Place In Vermont. This Is What I Saw.

Wow you might be shocked at what the worst place in Vermont looks like! For all the grief I give the state of Vermont, it’s actually a really nice place to live. It’s full of charming small towns and pretty good schools. It’s really safe in most places, and it’s not crowded with traffic and homelessness and a holes you find in many pockets throughout this country. Vermont has some pretty friendly people, although I can say I don’t agree with the know it all liberalism that permeates throughout the place. It’s rare to meet someone in Vermont who will ever admit they’re WRONG about their political viewpoints. Despite the charm and the safety and the beauty, Vermont has problems just like anywhere else. A spent a week in Vermont in early March of 2022. The goal was to explore all over, talk with some people and to show you guys some perspective on how Vermonters live. Now, if you run data and talk to people in Vermont about where the worst places are to live here, a few cities and towns will come up. One is St. Albans. Another is Barre. Some say Rutland, and others say Brattleboro. I chose Brattleboro to make my point. They’re kinda all almost the same. In this video, we’re going to drive through Brattleboro, a city of about 12,000 people. We’ll see what one of the worst places to live in Vermont looks like, and later, visit one of the best places in Vermont, too - the small town of Woodstock. I think once you see what the worst places to live in Vermont look like you’re gonna be like - that would be a GOOD place in my state. And the point will be made, people. Ahh the town of Brattleboro. This little place of 12,000 people is located way down near the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border in Windham County. There’s enough to do for a family here, although it’s very much a small-town life. The type of place where you see people you know at the hardware or grocery store, or at church. A home here is about $290,000 on average. That’s far below the US average of $350,000, but still higher than you might have expected. It’s mostly clean and looks FAR better than other struggling places I’ve visited. I think you’d agree just by looking at the place. It’s a very white community - 92% of the population here is some shade of caucasian. But that’s how it is across ALL of Vermont. So, what’s the problem? here Well, poverty and drugs mostly, although when you hear the numbers, you’ll get some perspectives. 11% of the population here lives in poverty, and the average income for a family is about $45,000. There aren’t a lot of really good jobs here. But again, it’s like that in most of Vermont outside of the state capital of Burlington. The dairy and farming industries are in decline in this part of the state, so that doesn’t help. Because of a lack of good paying careers, a lot of people either leave this state entirely, or they struggle. If you didn’t know, Vermont is one of ten states to see a population loss over the last decade. Or, for those who stick it out, it’s hard to get ahead. Some work more than one job, others live in mobile home parks or rent. Brattleboro has the largest mobile home park in the state of Vermont. Drugs are also a big problem in Vermont, as they are in many parts of the northeast. I also spent time in many other parts of Vermont, and I wanted to show you what a NICE place in Vermont looks like. Not that Brattleboro is that terrible or anything. Just an hour north of Brattleboro is the community of Woodstock, which has just under 3,000 people. While homes in Brattleboro are around $290,000, up here, it’s almost double that. Many of the homes close to downtown are far more than a million dollars each. You’d have to drive out into the rural edges of town to find something under a half million bucks. Woodstock was called the Prettiest Small town in America by Ladies Home Journal Magazine - whatever that is. But I believe it. By the end of my week in Vermont, I was sick of the cold. One day it was zero degrees. Get this - they have Subaru specific parking spaces at some joints in town. That’s elitist and segregationist if you ask me. I spent time in Killington and killed it on a powder day. I walked a segment of the Appalachian Trail when I was there #vermont #moving Email me: I have a Patreon if you love it so much! Here's the link to donate to the channel: You can buy my music here: iTunes: More places to get my music: -Google Play: -Amazon Music: This channel is about America! The best video on this topic!


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